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Elfin John’s Lost! Was He Filled-In?

Shoko, did you look in the basement for Elfin John?  Yep, not a sign of the little guy.  Did you look in the garage, Kali?  Sure did, its cold as charity out there.  I doubt if he’s hiding in dad’s toolbox…besides we’d have to open it for him with a winch.  We’ve looked everywhere.  We never looked in the laundry room.  Just maybe he’s there.                                                         laundrysmNo, he’s not here either.  Wait Kali, we didn’t look inside the garbage can.  I don’t know what he’d be doing in there but we looked under the sink, on top of the washer and dryer….this is the last place.                                                               aaejcanOMC!!  He’s in here Kali and he looks hurt!  NO!! MEW MEW MEW!  Relax Kali, we’ll help him.  How Shoko…he doesn’t eat, drink or anything?

I’ll bring him out Kali and then we’ll figure out what to do.                                                                       aaejshokcan  Heths kill ething.  What?  He kills things? Wot ha winnit….                                                  sm-kali-closeupHe won?  Wait till you put him down Shoko….I can’t understand you.                                                              shokejSplat!  Sorry Elfin.  Kali can you lick the blood off Elfin and mom we’ll need you to see if there are any serious injuries.  Got the blood off Shoko.  Mom says somebody left teeth marks in his chest but otherwise he’s ok.  Kali, let’s put him in his sleeping drawer and hope he’ll come out next year.  I’ll take him Shoko.                                                              aaelfinksmThere you go Elfin.  Hope you feel better soon.

ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300It’s Friday”s Fun Filled Fill-Ins day sponsored by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

1. My guiding word for 2017 is….. FRIENDS.  FRIENDS MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER.  THE MOUNTAIN BECOMES A MOLE HILL WITH A FRIEND BY YOUR SIDE.                                                                treatmonsters
2. RODENT ROOTER’S CLASS OF 2011 IS HAVING A…..class reunion.  I GRADUATED IN 2011 BUT THINK THEY PROVIDED A SECOND RATE COURSE SO I WILL NOT ATTEND THE CLASS REUNION.  I STILL HAVE TROUBLE CATCHING A MOUSE.  SEE I LOST THE MOUSE IN THIS PICTURE AND I HUNTED A VERY LONG TIME FOR THAT SUCKER.                                                                     aaaagardenshoksm3. Truth be told I am superstitious about ….. ANYTHING NEW .  IT TOOK ME 2 WEEKS TO GET USED TO MY FOUNTAIN AND NOW I ADORE IT.                                                           aafountainshok

4. Lately, I have been…..RATHER INACTIVE.


There you have it our fill-ins for the week.  Thank you ladies for such nifty blanks.





May you be the swatter instead of the fly.  MOL


We must  Leave a Purr for Jamieson Day.                                                         purrjamiesonThis little fellow left us far too soon but put up a gallant fight for his life.


Helping Mom Unpack

Are we going to unpack…finally?  Yippee…treats.

suitcaseshoksmOh wow…..you found feline Greenies.  I need some for my teeth, right now….PLEASE!  What else?  A temptations mouse….cool.  Colorado cat nip….this is great stuff….mountain grown is always stronger.

Mom, did you watch us while you were gone…….I know you’re not all seeing but did you put a camera in the bedroom?  You didn’t?  Then what was the green light that showed on the bottom of the TV.  Yeah, Judy did put my favourite dvd of birds on TV….so?  Yes, it was very kind of her…..no one else ever thought of it. Oh, so CK was right.  The light was on because the TV was on.  I never noticed before.

dvdsmcrI’m sure glad you weren’t peeping at us and trusted us.  Of course, we were remarkably good.  Didn’t  Judy tell you…we helped her.  She stayed for about an hour and read her mail so I got on the desk and sat in front of the monitor so she had to twist about to see the e-mails.  Good exercise.

Now, about that kitty smell on your t-shirt.  What gives?  Haven’t we given you everything you ever wanted in a kitty?  We do so much to help you and this is what you do, run off and cuddle with strangers.  It was someone I know?  You gotta be kidding me, mom!  You were mewing with Nellie, the queen of us cats from hell.  What’s she like up close and personal?  Did she like you?  Oh my catnip….it’s hard to believe.  Did you bow?  Of course you didn’t or you’d be rolling around on the floor still.  A curtsey would have been nice.

nellie2She’s beautiful and so small!  Just like me…ok, ok, way smaller than me.  Goes to show ya, size doesn’t matter.  She is my idol mom so I won’t give ya a bad time.                                                  nelliemomcinsmLook, Nellie and her mom and there is Cinnamon…out of focus…MOL  What a Royal family with Nellie to guide them?


Nellie’s hugging you!!  Were you excited?  Looks like Nellie gave us a bag of stuffs….let’s see it mom.  I still can’t believe you saw my mentor.                                                     goodiesnellieWow,…you say they are Nellie approved.  She put her paw print to them.  They are so unique with a certain relaxing sniff about them.  Nellie’s mom made them?  How come you’re not that talented mom?  Yeah I know you made a rabbit for cats in 1980 but that was a long time ago.  I want the octakitty with the tail…no, wait, the thing with feelers looks enticing.

What a wonderful day.  Bacon, from Piglove has shown mom and dad’s second day in Georgia with Bacon’s mom and dad.  Simply click on Piglove and join mom and dad having more fun.                                                                 Kali and Shoks







Legend of the Mountain Ash


Did I ever tell you about the power of the Mountain Ash Tree?  I didn’t!  Well ,  grab a nip tea, pull up a blankie, listen and learn my friends.  Comfy, good.  How bout you Shoko?  What do you know about the Mountain Ash?  Not a heck of a lot Kali but mom said it was going to be a bad winter according to the Mountain Ash.  What about the Mountain Ash made her think it was going to be a bad winter?  The berries.  There are like tons of red berries on it.  I wonder how peeps found out the more berries on the Mountain Ash, the harder the winter?                                                                      There is an Objibwa legend that explains how the berries came to be in the Mountain Ash tree.

Before Canada had a name, a severe and terrible winter set in.  The temperatures plummeted to many degrees below freezing.  There were huge drifts of snow wherever one looked.

While in search of food Indian hunters became terrified when they came across hundreds of dead birds and small animals.  The Indians offered prayers to the Great Manitou.

The Great Spirit instructed them to take one drop of blood from each dead bird and small animal and smear it on the tree that meant life or death to their people.  The Mountain Ash was the tree the bows and arrows were made from so they smeared the blood on the Mountain Ash as instructed by Manitou.  The following morning the Mountain Ash bore thousands of berries.  The birds and small animals that had survived were perched on the branches eating the life giving food.

The Indians gave thanks to the Great Manitou who in turn promised that whenever a cold winter was approaching again, he would cover these trees with food.                                                                           

What a tail you weave Kali, thanks for the info.


Shoko …..black