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Shokzilla Spreads Her Paws

Whoa, it’s getting right chilly up here.  I don’t feel like wandering around very much.  Not unless mom comes with me.

Kali and morphine do not agree.  She is off of the med and is eating again.  She doesn’t seem to be limping as badly as when she was on it.  We want to find a med that is more natural to her body.                                                                                      aaakalibag1I’m holding onto this bag….it smells like cheese and…..and BEEF.  MOL

While Kali was protecting an empty bag.  I decided to play Shokzilla in my hideaway.

aaashokotent1The attack came from within the hideaway….I tore at the interloper.

Soon the attack moved out and inside my mouth!                                                                                                                         aapounceI got ya, suckeh…you’s all mine!  You pink terror.                                                              aapounceblurI was movin’ so fast that the camera went blurry.  Gotcha!  Shokzilla strikes again.

Now, to mellow out watching my favourite show, “The Big Bang Theory.”  I sure can relate to Sheldon…he should get more respect.  I don’t think he’s demanding, do you?

What happened….no picture!   MOM!  What did you do?  Pull yourself together….you have a cold…that’s it.  Now where’s the picture of moi watching my show…awww….better.                                                                            aaaaashoktvMay the hands of time be welded together and you never age my friend.                                                                          SHOKOKALI2



I’m Home and There’s No Place Like it!!

What a day my friends.  I have had two teeth removed.  I’m also on morphine so I feel nothing.                                                             ashokfirst lookI was never so happy to see mom…like EVER!  I was shaking. the tech said from the morphine but I was scared.

After a short ride, I fell asleep, we were home.                                                             ashomeI quit shaking and snagged a good spot on the bed.

Thank you my wonderful friends for the purrs, purrayers and good wishes. Just knowing you were there for me helped me through a very long day.

Till tomorrow, when I finally have all my marbles back and can tell you what happened during the day.                                                         SHOKOKALI2