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Another Day In Prince George

Friday, 6 January 2017

Another Day in Prince George and The Gift – #6

Mes still at the Canadian Cats! Kali and Shoko in Prince George!
When wes gotted up in the morning, Kali’s Mommy made us
Oh Goodness, I love BACON!
So do I
Mes too!
Angel Sammy must has told her how much mes likes BACON!!!
Did Angel Sammy tell you how much Nellie likes bacon Mom?
So starts another fun filled day with our three muscateers.  Read the full post at Nellie On The Edge.

Follow Through And a Great Idea

Mom and I weighed in this morning to start my, what would it be…it’s not a diet but a being conscious of how much I eat.  I know, this will be My SHOKO ALERT.  We only have to weigh in once a week. Then mom and I headed downstairs for my exercise wearing my tiger vest.  Well, mom headed down to the basement, I was very slow and followed 10 minutes later.  I mince along like a little old lady in a hurry.  Dad laughed at me…..I was so embarrassed….I gave him the evil eye like only I can do.




After our jaunt about the basement we headed upstairs.  Well, mom headed upstairs and I slowly followed.  It was time for Kali’s ointment for the patch of fur she’s scratched out.  Mom this is a really bad picture.  You should take a picture BEFORE you put the ointment on.  Now it looks like a wet and messy part of her fur.  Actually the bare spot is about the size of 4 silver dollars.  It’s a big patch.                                                                           kalibareskinKali was very good and even rolled on the side so she couldn’t scratch the bare patch.                                                                     kalizm

It’s very cold here again. The water outside is starting to freeze except on one side so the hotel clients can still get water. Not much of a sign of cats nor peeps.

Keep bundled up my friends and see ya on the flip side of cold.

May your ducks be in a row and your…

Hey Shoko…..I just heard Nellie’s been sick, really ill.  What?  My Nellie….the queen of The Cat From Hell?  Geez, how is she now, Kali?  I think she is a bit better.  What can we do for our fellow Canuck that will cheer her up?  I know Kali….how about if we have her up for a visit?  It’s awful cold up here, Shoko.  She’s certainly not used to the cold anymore what with living in the banana belt of BC.  We can keep her warm inside and I know she’d love to see the hotel guests.  She can hiss or stick out her tongue at them.  It’ll be fun.  We have to ask her mom first Shoko and then do whatever her mom thinks is right.  Let’s call Nellie and tell her of our plan.


Hello?  Is this you, Nellie…The Cat From Hell’s queen?                                                              aacellphoneshokIt’s mes.  This must be Shoko from the north?  Ya, MOL.  How are you feelin’ Nellie?  Mes is better but not on top of things. We even got a picture of you here on the phone. You are lookin’ real good to us girlfriend. Kali is with me and we wanted to know how you feel about visiting with us for a bit?  Mes never been way up there.  Mes want to go visit you and Kali.  I must tell mom but she’ll want to know how we’ll get there.  I have a magic carpet which makes the ride in seconds.  You won’t have the chance to get cold.                                                            nandphoneMes excited but mommy must be told and it depends on her.  I’ll ask her tonight Shoko and let you know.  Sounds good Nellie.  Really build it up Nellie so she’ll feel guilty saying no.  You know, use the tricks you taught me in Cat From Hell classes.  MOL, good memory Shoko.  Tuttees Shoko…Ring my chimes Nellie…MOL..Mew later.




May the vet never earn a Loonie out of you.




Welcome to Monday’s Moments

Hey Cow-Kitty, whatcha doin’?  I thought kittens didn’t get a kick out of nip?  Well, not until a year old.                                                                     You talkin’ to me?  I’m not a cow-kitty.  I’m a leo..leopard with a few spots missing.  My mommy told me, so there. 

I like your nip…I’ve seen lotsa the kitties from the Lane in here and they always stagger out of here. So I figured this nip must be primo stuff.

So how is it Leo the leopard?  Umm…hehe..well, to tell you the absolute truth, this is the first nip I’ve tasted.  It’s ok…I guess.  Perhaps a kitty needs to be about a year old to appreciate it Leo.  Maybe you’re right Mame Shoko.  Gotta go, its getting near treat time.  See ya Mame…oh and thanks for the nip.

Woah, that is a real polite little gaffer Kali.  I think he’ll be a great addition to the hood.  He sure seems polite and nice.  Maybe I misjudged the little piece of fluff.

Did you know that today is a holiday but only here in BC, not in the rest of Canada?  No way Shoko, we just celebrated Canada’s birthday on July 1st.  What could British Columbia be celebrating that the rest of Canada isn’t?  You’ll never guess this one Kali.  There is a day off in every month but August, so there is now a civic holiday for the workers so they have an extra day off this month.  Doesn’t that seem weird.  Mom said she never had a day off in August when she was working so it must be fairly recent….at least in the last 10 years.  Maybe we should do something special on a day like today.

                                                                        No, let’s just hang loose sis.  I’ve been thinking we should have a name for our property.  After all there are lots of our anipals that have named their homes.  What do we call it here…..the House of Hisses, Camp Kitty……I have no idea what to call it Shoko.  Let’s think about it Shoko and ask our friends what they think.  Hey, great idea Kali.  There you go friends.  Any ideas?

Blue is cow-kitty

Black is Shoko

Orange is Kali