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Shoko’s Sunday Selfie with Meezerism

Holy crap, Tyebe!  Look at all those fire trucks along the road,  There are fire trucks from around the area…..even small volunteer fire departments.  It’s a parade, Shoko.  It is wonderful Tyebe cause they are honouring first responders.

Listen to the trucks signaling to each other with their sirens. I’m proud of the spirit of people. They seem to be looking and finding the happiness in this life.   First responders have had it tough this last year but are still appreciated for their efforts,

Today is Selfie Sunday blog hop at The Cat on My Head blog.  So I will be posing for this honour.  Pop by and visit Janet and the herd at The Cat on my Head blog by clicking on the badge or their name.

I set the camera to click when I lay down.

Oh my…Look at the size of my butt!  Perhaps I shouldn’t have talked mom into giving me a Churu.  Dad says this is just a split second in time so I look this way right now but usually I look thinner….mol

Now, if you believe me I have a street full of fire trucks I can lend you….interested? mol

Today is a Meezerism day also.  I want to try one, Shoko.  OK, go for it beetle breath.                                                   

“The cat that cries over spilled milk is a fool…..drink it!!”



Shopping Around the World

March’s issue of shopping around the world is today’s major subject.

The first item is milk. This item was bought at Save On Foods. Superstore milk though a bit cheaper goes sour way faster.

dairyland 2% milk

dairyland 2% milk

A 4 litre jug, which is just over a US gallon is $4.95.

Tomatoes on the vine were bought at the Real Canadian Superstore.

The price was $2.47 a pound.

For a canned item, we chose Del Monte Cream Corn.
Del Monte Cream Corn

The price of the Del Monte Cream Corn at Superstore was $1.44 for 398ml.

A homemade dish was next on the list. Mom likes Tuna Helper Au Gratin as a quick dish but yummy. She adds various things laying around the kitchen. This time she used some frozen peas from the garden, dried green onions from the garden and a bit of green peppers from the garden. Almost forgot a few leftover beans from last might and some of the herbs she grows. Tuna Helper cost’s $2.50 at Save On Foods.

206 gram box

206 gram box

Mom uses Clover Leaf solid white albacore tuna. The price was $2.50 at Superstore for a 170 gram can.
clover leaf solid tuna

clover leaf solid tuna

So this meal cost mom about $6.00 if all the little extras are included.

The last item was a Random Item. Mom chose Mini Wheats. A 700 gram box cost $3.77 on sale at Superstore.

That is our shopping for the month.

Mom and I planted more Cilantro, sweet peas and Buttercup Squash today too. Hope these little seeds do better than their predecessors.