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Getting Ready For The Growing Season

My stars…mom says its time to plant some transplants already.  It’s not even the 24th of May yet.  We usually plant on our Canadian national  holiday of the Queen’s birthday,  Not this queen, but Queen Victoria.  I don’t really know why we celebrate her cause this queen has a birthday too and she’s still going strong at 90.  I digress…the weather has been very warm here.  Mom’s thoughts have turned to planting time.  So everybody in the household has padded out to the garden and done some work.                                                                         avegygardenDad rototilled the soon to be planted veggie garden.  Mom will soon sit in the soil and plant the seeds.  I will help her by digging out the rows.  Kali will lie on the air mattress mom uses.

abeewater1The water in the saucer is for the kitties that wander over here and are thirsty after partaking of the Nip.  The stones in the saucer are places for the bees to have a drink.  I try not to grab any flies taking the water…I usually am busy with my watering chores and don’t see them.

akalideckKali is supervising the work dad and mom are doing but she doesn’t want to get her paws dirty.

Mom decided we needed a break so we took a walk in the Lane.

ashowalkI looked both ways before I stepped into the Lane.  There could be some weird kitty or, heaven forbid, a dog in the Lane.  All was clear.

Cow Kitty is that you here at the cwappy house?


It is you!  What a great place to lay, in the cool long grass.                                                      ackcloseup

Cow Kitty looks like we woke him.  MOL                                                                        ashcloseLet’s take Cow Kitty and go home Shoks…there is more to do in the backyard.  Ok, mom let’s go.  C’mon Cow Kitty, the dirt is calling us!

Have a messy but fun day my friends.                                                                  Kali and Shoks


Chowing Down Around the World

                                                                 cute-kitten-sitting-shopping-cartIt’s time for another edition of Bacon and Fozziemom’s Shopping Around the World.  This month we were suppose to make a sandwitches and list the prices.  Well, we thought of some really different sandwitches…easy to make too, like peanut butter and jam but decided we should put some effort into it.  Effort…means dinner, so mom and dad had the sandwitches for dinner.                                                        chefshok

Here is the recipe for our sandwitch which is called:

Shoko’s Salami Cream Cheese Sandwitch


8 ounces of cream cheese                                                                     $3.69
1/4 cup finely chopped green onion                                                    $0.75
1/4 cup finely chopped dill (fresh)                                                        $2.99
1 garlic clove, pressed                                                                             $0.25
8 slices of sandwich bread (I used rye bread)                                  $ 2.00
8-10 oz. of your favourite salami (I used Polish and Parmesan Salami)
Parmesan Salami 50 grams                                                                    $1.90
Polish Salami 50 grams                                                                            $2.00
1 Vine Ripened tomato                                                                            $0.67
4 leaves of lettuce(I used Romaine cause it sounded exotic)                                                                                                           $0.25


1. In a small bowl combine 8 oz. cream cheese, 1/4 Cup green onions, 1/4 Cup dill, and press in 1 garlic clove.  Mash herbs into the  cream cheese.

2. Spread about 1 – 2 tbsp. of the cream cheese on one side of each bread slice.

3. Top with lettuce and about 6-8 pieces of salami.

4.  Mom tucked a thinly sliced tomato between the lettuce and meat so the sandwich wouldn’t get soggy.  They look like cannibals with liquid dripping from their lips.MOL                                                                 asalzmHere are the sandwitches with the cream cheese mixture on each piece of bread.                                                                          asandzmVoila…our sandwitches.  This sandwitch is not cheap.  The meal will cost you about $14.50. However there is lots of meat left over.  Egads mom…they don’t look so appealing.  Oh, I see…these really taste good friends….they just look kinda messy.  No mom I can’t lie….they are messy looking but they don’t drip! MOL

Bony Appetite my friends.                                                                 Kali and Shoks



What a day!  It’s been work, work and then some more work!  We have changed the bed and done the washing.  I tidied up the kitchen after mom threw potato salad fixin’s on the floor.  Good Cat, she’s so messy!  I never get a moment’s peace when she decides to do some food preparation.  No, I didn’t take a picture of her mess…I was busy cleaning it up.

We then moved outside to do more planting.  After today we only have the corn and cauliflower to plant.  Everything looks good.

One of the green peppers..note the green peppers growing

One of the green peppers..note the green pepper fruit growing.

Mom’s pride and joy are her dollar store hanging baskets.


2 Pails and some rope...thats what makes up the hanging baskets.

2 Pails and some rope…thats what makes up the hanging baskets.

Notice the cukes and squash.  Against the brown fence are Russian Potatoes and along the back fence are Russian Banana Potatoes.  The Russian Potatoes are purple through and through.  The Russian Banana Potatoes are like Fingerling Potatoes as they don’t grow big but are about the size of a gian’ts fingers or bananas.


The Oriental Poppy is starting to open

The Oriental Poppy is starting to open

While we were seeing to these plants….what was Kali doing?

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