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Flingin’ Friday Fun Fill Ins

Look what you did to the deck, Tyebe.  It looked so pristine and beautiful before you stuck your paws in the snow.

The snow was so cold it revved me up.

We are Joining Feline Friday over there at Comedy Plus.  Drop by by clicking on their name and have a chuckle with some friends.


We are also joining  Lorianne of Four-Legged-Furballls and co host Ellen Of 15 and Meowing for the Fill Ins.  The linky stays open until Wednesday night

1. You don’t have to convince me to….TRY A DIFFERENT KIND OF TREAT OR SUPPER.


2. ALL THIS COLD …..is causing me stress.


3. Speaking from experience…..SUMMER IS WAY NICER THAN THE WINTER.


4. Over time, my opinion of….TYEBE…..  has changed. She seems to be a half decent sister now,

My Meezerism concerns time.

“They say time waits for no one but if you have treats I’ll wait,”


Adding Flavours to Monday

What did you say Tyebe?  I said you’re getting to be a stink in the mud.  You don’t go out and play.  You stink around the house and sleep or talk with mom.  You mean,,,STICK…in the mud?  No, I’m sure it’s *stink*.

Well what am I supposed to do?  Run out in the cold and sit in the snow till my butt’s freezing? That’s how you catch miceYes, but I don’t want a mouse.  They taste yucky and are here in the spring and summer. Do you like the taste, Tyebe? Well, yes.  They make my mouth water.  Really?

Wouldn’t you like some salmon insteadWow, salmon! Of course I would but I can’t catch a salmon in the Lane. I checked the puddles and there are NO fish to be seen.  Are you sure…..have you waited patiently for one to appear like you do mice?  NoNext time you’re bored outside look for a salmon. They’re hard to find but you could be one of the few lucky ones to find a fish in the puddles of the Lane.  Really! For sureI can’t wait to try it.  A fish awaits.

Shoko it’s time for a meezerism from you.  You should do one for us meezers and peeps.  You mean like Ann McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader.  Ann started SPARKs so peeps would have a positive idea to start their week. This SPARK is for both peeps and cats.


“When you throw dirt, you lose ground.” This meezerism is shared by a Texan. Yes, they have meezeers in Texas.


We are also joining Aw Monday at Comedy Central. Pop on over and join your friends.                                                         


Join Easy Blog and us for our In Purrsuit of Flavours with the theme of  Colourful Cuisine  as we give a last blast to this horrible year.                                                                   

I’m going to give everyone an idea of what we’re doing, Shoko.  OK Tyebe.                                           
We decided to do colourful cookies. Now just what kind we will show you on Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesday with Spot

We are joining Sandee for Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus blog.

Zip on over and join your friends by listing your blog.

Spot was out and about in Fort Meezer closely chased by Tyebe and me.                                                    

Ewww spot’s on me!!

I have radar eyes and I don’t see him!!

Got him…..crap missed.

I think spot’s tired….we can get him….


Shoko it’s been ages since we heard your meezerisms.

Let us hear your wise words, sis.

“Us felines can purr our way out of any predicament.”

I’m gonna try this next time I get in trouble.