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Sad Selfie Sunday with Scouts Tyebe and Shoko

I can’t believe it Tyebe…..Mau gone at the age of 10.  Such a young mancat.  This means CooperMurphy is the oldest mancat in the house.  A great responsibility for a young mancat.

It is a heavy load, Shoko.  I hope he becomes Master Baker at Cat Scouts.  Mau taught  Coop so many tricks and techniques.  Mau will always live on in CooperMurphy.

Geez Shoks I don’t feel like being in the Selfies this week…..I’m so sad.  We must pay our respects to the Blue family.  They are really having a hard time, Tyebe.  Let’s show them that we are there for them and all they need do is call for us and we will be there.  Simply click on the badge or The Cat On My Head name and you’ll be swished off this blog and onto theirs.

We salute Mau and the entire Blue family for their participation and being such lovable characters.

Sunday Selfie

The Cat on my HeadToday is Selfie Sunday.  A blog hop of all the beautiful and handsome anipals of Blogville.  The Cat On My Head is participating in this hop and we are headed to her place for some chattering with our friends and perhaps Mau will make us one of his delish baked goods.

Mom. Kali and I went for a stroll even if it was a grey looking day.  We got as far as the Youth Center where dad was busy installing Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).   They were donated and are being set up in the halls.                                                           aaksbrightSorry, my friends but this was a long distance selfie and not that great but Kali and I had fun in the stroller anyways.


May you always be the glaze on my ham.