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Get To Know Shoko Better to Music

Cathy Keisha of Stunning Keisha put out 10 facts about herself defined by a band or artist in their music then invited the rest of us to do the same.  We thought we’d attempt the same for moi.  Basically, this is the real me set to music.                                                  

Artist/Band: Gordon Lightfoot
What is your gender: Pussy Willows, Cat Tails
How do you feel: 10 Degrees and Getting Colder                                                
If you could go anywhere:  Alberta Bound
Favorite mode of transportation:  Canadian Railroad Trilogy                                                    
Your best friend: Cotton Jenny
Favorite time of day: Sundown
If your life was a TV show:  In My Fashion                                                     
Relationship status:  The Circle is Small
Your fear:  Black Day In July