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Thankful Thursday with the Cat Crew

Do you like mom reading to us Budd?  Dang tootin’ I do.  I get up on the bed when she starts talkin’ to nobody.  That’s when I figure she must be reading again.  She might be getting odd and just chattering to nobody.  When she reads it’s usually the same time every evening so I’m bettin’ she’s got her marbles in a straight line. MOL….good one Budd.                                                             

Did you see the library cards she got for us, Tyebe?  They’re from Bionic Basil’s blog.  Amber has a book club we try to visit every Wednesday.  Mom gets lots of good ideas for more books to read.  Just pop around and visit Amber on Wednesday to get your own library card, friends.                                                 

Today is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home so we must say we are very thankful to Amber at Bionic Basil’s blog for sending us such awesome library cards.



May Thursday’s nip give you a buzz.