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Thankful Thursday

What a day it’s been. It was 16C (61F) here with sunshine so I padded about the garden and chased Juno home. Then I sprawled out in the dirt. This will happen tomorrow too. I am very happy to get out and do my thing. There are even flies showing up to buzz about my head.

After a day of fresh air and examining the garden, I need a place to let my fur down but still see what mom’s doing.Right here on her desk is perfect for me to make sure she is not out running around with other kitties.  You never can tell with her.

You realize it’s Thankful Thursday at Brian’s Home.  Click on the name of the blog hop host and join us. So I am saying I am most thankful for today is this soft basket on mom’s desk.  It”s so cozy that I’m getting sleepy. *yawn*                                              
Actually, mom is not all that interesting when she’s on the computer. So I will say nightie nite and don’t let the bed fleas bite.What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday?

Friendly Fill-Ins with Kali

Hi friends, Kali here to introduce the Friendly Fill-ins and my fills for this week.

ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x300Ellen of 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader are hosting this weeks Friendly Fill Ins.
1. I am most proud of …… my temperament.  I like everybody, peeps and kitties.  Layed back and relaxed is my style.  If I get angry, hiss and run after a kitty, you know this kitty is a total jerk and needs some smacky paw.  Visitors are always welcome as far as I’m concerned.                                                                      acowkali
2. I am embarrassed to admit…..I am afraid of bugs.  Just the idea of putting a squirmy or slimy bug in my mouth is disgusting.  Ewww…  However I like to watch them as long as they don’t touch the furs.                                                                          akalibug

3. My super-power might be….. power sleeping.  Mom says there is no other cat around that can sleep on demand like me.                                                            akksleepingsdone

4. I really wish I could…….  fly.  I would fly down and visit Nellie and then fly down to the States and visit Buddy…my boyfriend.


Preparing For Shoko’s Gotcha Day

We are preparing for Shoko’s Gotcha Day on Monday the 15th. of June.  Shoko is off at Cat Scots talking with her friends about the trip to Rome and talking about visiting with Bailey the Boat Cat on his boat the Nocturne.  To tell you the truth, I was getting fed up listening to Einstein did this and Timmy did that.  For cats sake…shut up!  Sorry friends but that girl can talk.  You know us meezers, we’re known for our talkin’ and yet Shoks goes that extra step.  Anyway, back to the preparations….I know it seems early, but mom has all this catnip to prepare, and dry for the individual care packages, the kitties can take home.  The major work will be on the weekend when Shoko goes off to Cat Scouts to celebrate Flag Day.

Shoko in Cat Scouts uniform

Shoko in Cat Scouts uniform

Pretty sharp looking Scout!  Mom has picked lots of nip so it will be fresh nip in the recipes.  I inspected every bit of it for bugs and dirt.


Pile of fresh nip

Pile of fresh nip

We need room for our friends to play.  Some of our friends are huge and need the room to just spread out.

Lots of room to dig and dance

Lots of room to dig and dance.


Dad is mowing the grass. and clipping the trim around the garden.  *yawn*….everybody’s busy so I can lay down for a couple of minutes.