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In Purrsuit of Flavours is just around the Corner

Here comes, ” In Purrsuit of Flavours”……

The asparagus on toast is leading the way.

“Flavours” is just about here.

Once again our co-hosts Katty, Phenny and Nellie oF Easy Blog Skyped with Tyebe and I.  Ideas for tasty meals were thrown out like stale bread on a duck pond.  Tyebe was fixed on a lazy meal like opening a can of tuna.  I hissed at her for her lack of creativeness.  Tyebe was insulted and hissed bACK.                                                       

Budd came out to see if Tyebe needed to be saved from me. Both Tyebe and I yelled…“Go away Budd.” Then Tyebe hollered, “I can handle my own problems Budd……I’m not a little kitten anymore.” Budd just stood and starred. He gave me the evil eye and walked away.

Those eyes!! He still scares me but I won’t let him know it.

Phenny suggested a sheet meal…..one sheet for the whole dinner. Once again Tyebe didn’t like the idea. She said mom would be mad at them for burning up her sheet in the oven. We all scratched our heads like an outbreak of fleas just happened. Then it dawned on me….sheets!!

Not mom’s sheets, Tyebe. A cookie sheet instead. Tyebe agreed this was a much safer way to cook a meal. So our September meal will be a meal on a cookie sheet. The whole dinner on one sheet. Clean up will be a breeze.

Now, for the hard part, deciding what exactly to cook.

Our next “In Purrsuit of Flavours” will come out on Wednesday, September the 2nd.  The complete meal will be cooked on a sheet…..cookie sheet that is.


We are also joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus.  Hi there Sandee and friends.                                             

It’s Spring….Quick, Catch It!

They say Spring has sprung.  Well Spring is struggling to stay out around here,  She keeps hiding and letting a dress of white occupy the backyard.  We don’t even want to see another picture of this dress….months and months we watched nature give us the Winter whites.                                                         snow1zmcrYuck…no more mom!  Bring on the sunshine and flowers.  Come on let’s exam the garden for signs of life.                                                        dadigHey, dad’s digging over my veggie garden.  The ground is no longer frozen.  High five, Kali!!

tulipssmThe tulips are peeking out.  Bad news mom….the weeds seem to be  posing for the picture.  Guess we’ll be out weeding before long.                                                  lilacsm2nd year buds are on the transplanted lilac bush.  Mom’s never seen the bald headed, tattooed man she got it from again.  Someone told mom it takes a good three years for transplanted lilacs to have flowers.  We shall see.

nip1zmLook at the nip buds!!  Dad said he had to re-net the nip….there were layers of cat hair on it.  Dang visitors…..we wouldn’t do that!!

Here is our last sign of Spring in the backyard.                                                               collarzmIt’s my Hawaiian collar that I lost in December!  Now that the snow’s gone, dad found it.  The red suits me…my favourite collar.  I thought it was gone for good.

blackitOh cwap!  Kali’s found a new kitten in the neighbourhood.  She seems to like him.   Another sign of Spring…new kittens in the area.  This guy looks to be 5 months though.  Get away from him Kali….we don’t need anymore visitors!!  Our nip is getting too hairy.                                             shokzmcrA further sign of spring are the puddles but no ice.

There you have it friends, the signs of spring around our place and our first walk of the year in the Lane.

May your week have more nip than medicine.                                               Kali and Shoks


A Walk Through The Garden In July

This is a lovely summer’s day.  The temperature is not sweating us out of the house.  The rains have come and gone.  This means no more restrictions on watering with sprinklers.

Come let’s walk through the backyard and view the plants. The first plants we come across are the herbs.  Mom has dried lots of them and is looking to make herbed vinegar and oil.  I told her she doesn’t have the time but she insisted in that way peeps can.

DSCN3642You see the tall herb right in the middle of the barrel….well, that is tarragon and mom is going to put it in wine vinegar.  I wonder if the wine vinegar will taste yucky after she finishes with it.

We are headed to the veggie garden next.  I have fertilized and watered everyday.  Also I have mixed the soil so that bugs don’t have a chance to set up housekeeping.

You will notice in the first row there is cauliflower, 3 of them to be exact.  There are a couple of beets and a few carrots.  I got to aerating the soil and couldn’t help myself and did a witches dance.  The results are only 2 beets remain in that row and there are very few carrots this year.  However, mom got all carried away with the beets and chard in the second row….making up for my boo boo in the first row.  The 3rd. row is all corn and doing very well from all that hot weather we had.  The two last rows are beans and peas.  Notice the sunflowers mom grew from seed.

Come over here my friend and see part of the flower garden.

Right in the middle of the picture are the lavender coloured phlox.  The aroma from the phlox is divine, so mom says….I think it stinks myself.  Beside the phlox, is the new rose mom got as a remembrance of her mom.  Behind the phlox and rose and well protected are 2 huge tomato plants.  Moving to the left, there is the pink hydrangea.  Mom added a chemical compound to the soil to turn the soil more acidy, thereby giving us blue flowers instead of pink.  It didn’t work mom.  There is another big tomato plant behind the hydrangea.  The tomatoes have lots of fruit but they’re not red yet.

Let’s step into the greenhouse for a few moments and see how the crops are doing in there.                                                     You are looking at the 3  pepper plants we got from small transplants.  All 3 have peppers on them.  The one pepper to the right is an Hungarian Sweet Pepper Plant.   Mom thought because of its shape the peppers would be hot and she figures she’s hot enough and doesn’t need those to help her.  Aw mom I didn’t mean to embarrass you!  MOL   You can see the leeks just in front of the peppers and the celery is to the far left.  To the far right and out of sight is the Spaghetti Squash.  Mom has pollinated the squash but no big ones are on the way yet.

Let’s mosey (mousey) back to the deck.

Look who stopped by for a visit, the cow kitten neighbour from next door. He sure is growing.

Ack!  Don’t run at me like that!  Now I need a piddle pad from Dezi of Dezi World’s powder room.  Geesh.  This is not how to make friends!

What’s happening out her Shoko?  Look for yourself Kali, its our neighbour again.                                                         What’s he doing Shoko?  I don’t know….maybe, no it can’t be….biting his tail?  Really?

MOL, Look at his reaction after biting his tail Kali.  MOL.  What a funny guy.

Sunday Selfie and the Sun

Another beautiful day in the sun.  It was suppose to rain but no, just more sun.  The wind has gotten up so it feels cooler.  Mom replaced some Lobelia that was sun damaged with bright pink Snapdragons.

Dad brought our pool out from behind the shed.

Sign on the shed

Sign on the shed

Mom didn’t want to fill the pool up the way we like…..to the top, because the cow kitten next door might drown.

C’mon mom this is a real stretch for a sip of water!  Anyway Kali helped focus the camera and I had it on timer….voila….a selfie….sort of. MOL

To see more selfies of other anipals, simply click on The Cat on My Head and you will land there immediately, if not sooner.                                                                                                                    

Kali’s Thirteenth Gotcha Day Pawty




Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Today is THEE day for my big sis as she turns 13.  Imagine 13!  Thirteen years ago we never heard of Silvervine Catnip.  Computers were harder to handle….there were not so many cats with blogs because computers were not “cat friendly” at that time.

When Kali was born mom and dad lived in a different house.  They had a lane beside the  house.  Mom says that Kali was a very friendly kitten and if a stranger past by the backyard and said “Hi” to Kali….she would follow them home.  Mom would quit gardening and race down the lane to bring Kali home again. 

12 June 02

12 May 02



  She is a fun sisteh and deserves the best. She deserves to be called queen and bowed to….ya right!  In your dreams sis.  Don’t hold your breath.

I know you lost the mice from last year…I might have had a wee bit to do with that.  I got you mini mice this year, they are smaller and you can carry them around with your 4 teeth.  Have fun with them Kali.  You are a great sis…..

Look at all the food…dudette you are one lucky kittah.

raw chicken treats

raw chicken treats


catnip joints

catnip joints




Bunny and Pig tasties

Bunny and Pig tasties


iced biscuits

iced biscuits for the Woofies

Enjoy my Woofie friends.  Mom made them but they are really good…I tasted them before letting her put them out.


iced biscuits

We have some extra Woofie treats so you can take some home with you.  It’s OK, mom didn’t make them.

Nipcider and Cider

Nipcider and Cider

We have extra Nipcider for our kitty friends to take home…enjoy!

Mom and dad got you a Furminator for your birthday Kali.




I’ve always wanted one of those.   I’ve heard the back rub it gives is sooo relaxing.  Thanks mom and dad.  I can’t wait for a Furminator brush now.  Maybe tonight when we start reading the 12 Rescue Stories.

What kind of a party would this be with out a cake.  So Kali, mom made a cake that looks a lot like you sis.


Kali's cake

Kali’s cake

It’s lovely mom…thank you.

Kali I don’t really have a present for you but you know I’ve been looking for a modelling job.  Well, I got one…ya….I really got a job.  Thanks to your help and guidance Kali I have a full-time job with Beautiful British Columbia Magazine.


Beautiful BC Magazine

Beautiful BC Magazine

Oh my Beatrice!!  You did it!!  I could have never done it with out you girlfriend.  I also got a part time job at The Beaver.  Everyone was delighted with my bling.


The Beaver Cover

The Beaver Cover

Oh Beatrice, I’m overcome….when do you leave?  Monday.  So soon!!  They want to send me to the Yukon for a shoot on the lake near Dawson City.  The ice is melting and won’t wait.  I’ll miss you my friend. *Beatrice and Kali hug*

S’cuse me Kali and Beatrice but Kali you received a couple of cards from your friends.


Kali from Bacon and famil

Kali from Bacon and family

That was so nice of the lil Oinker…you guys are special to me.


 from Easy

from Easy

Easy Rider, what a lovely surprise!  I bet you sent this bottle off months ago to make sure it made it to the Pacific Ocean and then ride the rivers up to Prince George.  *blows a kiss to Easy*.  What would I do without you my friend?

Hope you all enjoyed Kali’s pawty.  Thanks for coming by.