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Thankful Thursday For Easing Our Transition

It’s been over a month since Budd went off to the Bridge.  Little did we realize this guy had wormed his way deep into our lives.  The screaming for breakfast was a little tough to listen to at first but he never yelled for supper.                                                                 

He belonged to the clean plate club!

We are joining Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday as we thank the wonderful families on the blogosphere that gave us their understanding empathy and helped us through this unforeseen hurdle.                                                                               

From the many comments on our post to the cards and letters coming to our house……we are thankful for all your thoughtfulness and kindness,                                                                       

A big hug to Ann of Zoolatry for her memorial badge for Budd.  Click on the blog names and go for a visit.                                                           

A whisker kiss from the girls to Ingrid from Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs.                                                                

Thank you for these badges.  They are wonderful.

BTW:  Shoko and Tyebe are playing together which warms my heart.