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Shopping Around the World

Here we go with another episode of Bacon’s Shopping Around the World.

We were suppose to list 5 items that we use to make up a meal or snack.

All items were priced at Save-On Foods except the feta cheese which was bought from The Real Canadian Superstore.

These are my five items.

Cucumber,  long English…..$1.29

Tomatoes, vine ripened  $2.00 for 6

Green Onions bunch $0.29

Feta Cheese   400gram tub (14.1 ounces)  $7.48

To make up 5 ingredients we’ll thrown some herb…lemon thyme to be exact, on top of the cuke, tomato and green onion mixture.  The herb cost us nothing as we grew it.

Our snack or appetizer costs about $0.60 a plate.  It’s one dish that has both hubby and I happily eating veggies again after canning and freezing so many veggies we don’t want to see any veggies for a month!                                                                                                                                      

Shopping Around the World

It’s time for another installment of Shopping Around the World with your hosts Fozziemum and Piglove.

The request for today was to make a desert with three items.  Mom went shopping at Save On Foods and scurried home clutching her three dessert items.

Shopping Around the World

Shopping Around the World


Strawberries       $4.99 a pound

Can of light Whipping Cream      $3.47

Shortcake                        $2.99 for 6

Now, about 6 strawberries and 2 shortcakes were used for dessert.  Plus, lots of whip cream.  So as a guess mom would say that dessert cost about $2.50 each.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Mom says it tasted a lot better than it looked.  Well, I hope so mom!  Besides Bacon called for 5 ingredients not 3.  Ok, we’ll eat some nip, which is free.

Where’s the Fancy Feast?  We’ll have a Beef Flavoured FF for $.050.  TA DA,  5 ingredients….just not all of them are in the dessert.  MOL