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Sunday Selfie with Shoko

I didn’t know it was Sunday Selfie time already!   If you click on the picture for The Cat On My Head, you will magically disappear and reappear at their blog hop.                                                   

Kali is watching the snow melt.  It’s raining here so the roads are a mess but I’ve been to the vet so I don’t care.  The snow will soon melt off the fence or everything will turn to ice.  What do you think will happen?  I kinda think the ice bit will win out.                                              

I was watching mom cleanup…she seems slow but she gets er dun. MOL                                                               

Wednesday Purrs

It’s still hot here friends.  There doesn’t seem to be a break in sight.  If, we do anything, it has to be in the morning when the weather is reasonable.                                                            DSCN3494Here is Kali and I going for a morning walk in the lane with mom.  You can see in this picture that Kali has lost weight.                                                                              Then onto some fun with ice cubes and a few drinky poohs.  The ice cubes look like meece…sorry mice.  I can pretend anyway.

To finish off the morning, guess who showed up?                                        Yep, the little cow from next door!  All 3 of us sat and had a staring contest then he went home.  I think he knows who’s boss around here.

In the afternoon Kali and I just flopped around….it was so hot!  We lay sprawled out and aired our private parts.  There are no pictures  as this would be terribly embarrassing and Kali says ladies do not flaunt themselves.  She would just die if Buddy saw her like that and I really don’t want Einstein to think I’m a loose kitty.

keep smiling

keep smiling