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Friday’s Fill em’ In

                                                                              ellen_cat_badge_2-1-300x3001. I have seen….. NO SHOWS….. on Broadway.  HOWEVER TV BRINGS A VARIETY OF SHOWS TO OUR PAWS.  HERE SHOKO AND I ARE WATCHING DOGS 101.  THE DOG WAS VERY BUSY THAT’S WHY IT’S BLURRY.

2. My Chinese zodiac sign is…..THE SIGN OF THE HORSE.  Horse cats are kind, straightforward, and ready to help others. They are very popular among their friends, although often offend others without meaning to due to their straightforwardness.
                                                                                        zodiac-horseMy Zodiac sign is …..THE SIGN OF THE RAT….Rat cats don’t curry favor with powerful people, and they are highly respected due to their strong sense of independence and self-esteem.                                                                            zodiac-rat                                                                       

3. Celebrities……HAVE PETS THAT ARE SCRUBBED, POLISHED AND LOOK LIKE THEY WOULDN’T SAY CWAP IF THEIR MOUTH WAS FULL OF IT!                                                                    aapurebred-chihuahua-after-the-bath-in-front-of-white-background-stock-photooOH, OH KALI’S GOING TO BE JEALOUS,

4. A …..COW KITTY FREE day is…..RARE.                                                           aacowkit

There you go anipals our donations to the Friday Fill-In co-hosted by Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

Hey horse face, you ready for bed yet.  Coming as fast as I can rat face.   Nite all.







Mouse’s Protein

Mom went off for another dose of mouse’s protein yesterday.  She’s gone for hours when she gets this stuff.  I guess she has to catch the mouse and someone must help her put the protein the mouse gives her into the medication.                                                   DSCN3267She says she goes to a place called the horse pittel.  Sounds terribly gross to me but then I’m not fond of horses.


Big place mom.  Not many peeps.  Was this after hours?  Just early….there’s not much I can say about it.  It has lots of mice though.  Good to know.

The nerd sis make her sit while they drip this protein into her veins.  Mom says it can hurt if they don’t hit the vein quickly with the needle.  They must drip this protein through a tube with a sharp needle on it.  Eww….I wouldn’t like that.

Now, she is just very tired so we’ll let her sleep. Shhh…Shoko quit throwing your mice at mom, let her be. Come on Shoko let’s stare at her and see if she grows whiskers after the mouse’s protein.  MOL Sounds good to me Kali.



Talkative Tuesday

I just had to show you the flat me that dad made.  Mom called me off security patrol on my fence to have a look..                                       Shoko zoomedI left the fence just a galloping like a horse across the lawn.

There I was….flat Shoko.  You know I think it looks just like me.

What do ya think?  Is this me or what?

Now, my friends on a serious note.  Raz and Allie of Cat Scouts and their blog  Friends Furever along with Ellie their sister have had a terrific shock.  Their dad has a rare form of cancer on his nose and will require extensive surgery.  The whole family is devastated as you could imagine.  I am asking that you send your mightiest prayers and purrs to their dad to support him through this trying time.  This family has been praying and purring for Bill from the moment we heard the news.                                                       PRAYERSFORBILLMay TPOTP be with you throughout your ordeal.