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The Crotchety Cougars Gain An Angel

We were just getting established when the news reached us.  I dropped working on the header,                                                                                    

Ellie from Friends Furever blog  left us today.  She hadn’t been feeling great but she was as lovable as ever.  The call was too strong for her to ignore.  She left in the happiest of ways, while her mom was stroking her she said her good byes and was gone.                                                                            She does look a little persnickety. MOL  That’s our gal. MOL

Thank you Pinterest for a lovely and true quote.

In honour of Ellie we make her our first angel to watch over us with her usual style.

To her family we send our biggest hugs and sweetest thoughts.                                                                                

Artsy, Fartsy, Caturday Blog Hop

It’s Friday already Kali.  Tomorrow is Artsy Caturday with Athena and Marie on their very own Blog Hop.  Simply click on their blog hop and be swept away with a broom, into a lovely world of anipals being all artsy.  This time I get to pose for the Caturday art as this is for the latest blog header of me patrolling along Fort Meezer in Da Hood.

This means I get to pose for a selfie on Sunday then Shoko.  That’s fair Kali. 

Kali did you see Felix this morning doing his aerobics on the top of the pea poles.  He was at his best purring out a little tune.  MOL, no I missed it, bet it was hilarious.  Mom got a few pictures of him.

                                                                                                                                               What a character! MOL