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Sunday Selfie

The Cat on my HeadToday is Selfie Sunday.  A blog hop of all the beautiful and handsome anipals of Blogville.  The Cat On My Head is participating in this hop and we are headed to her place for some chattering with our friends and perhaps Mau will make us one of his delish baked goods.

Mom. Kali and I went for a stroll even if it was a grey looking day.  We got as far as the Youth Center where dad was busy installing Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).   They were donated and are being set up in the halls.                                                           aaksbrightSorry, my friends but this was a long distance selfie and not that great but Kali and I had fun in the stroller anyways.


May you always be the glaze on my ham.


Christmas is Creeping Up on Us

♫  Deck the halls with balls of NIP…. fa- la LA LAAAAA♫, *cough* *hack* *hack* That song is a bit high for me.  You sound like you faded on the last “LA “,Elfin John.  The only high I want is from The Nip and so does my little friend.  We now have a tree partly dressed….partly nekked.  Shall I say everything is half done but coming along.  We have a couple of presents under the tree and Kali is doing Christmas Tree patrol every morning to see what’s under there.  Think mom is putting one at a time down so Kali has something new to discover every morning.                                                          KalizmI just know this is for me…see my name’s on it and, and it sure does smell powerful good.

Cow Kitty dropped by for a peek in the house…..think he was lookin’ for me.  I ran over and hissed at him before he could hiss at me.                                   DSCN4584He walked off till tomorrow…..he’ll do the same.  The first time he jumped at me while I was sleepily looking out the sliding glass door, I dang near tinkled myself.  I must have jumped a foot!

Mom and dad got a decoration for our front lawn…whohoo!  I  can’t wait to see it.  Mom says on the next post we’ll show our ornament for the front lawn.


Just 10 more sleeps and Sandy Paws will be dumping some stuff off for us.