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Thankful Thursday with Tyebe

It’s Halloween, well, almost.  It’s party time.  I must call Timmy and get them over for a party.  Don’t tell Shoko, Budd.  Let’s surprise her.  She’ll be so happy to see Einey.

I’m gonna call Timmy and ask the whole gang to come over and party with us. “Hi, Timmy.  Tyebe here, we were wondering if you’d like to come on over and celebrate with us. It’ll be a big surprise for Shoko.  Right on, Timmy!  Do you need a lift to our place.  No, it’s easy to get here.  Just fly along the cooler states and make a sharp right paw turn at the Canadian border in BC,  The Peace Arch Park sticks up like a sore claw.  Then you follow the Fraser River….it’s the only one that goes right up to Prince George.  When a town appears and the river meets another river, you are here.  We are one street over from a big hill with picnic tables.  Have you got your dad’s cell phone, Timmy?  Just call us when you start to feel lost.”

Brrrrrig!    “Is this you Timmy?  Shoko is getting suspicious,  Where are you?  OK…at the big hill make a right till you see the house with a greenhouse and raised garden.  You’ve been here before.  That’s right….come closer….I see the whole dang family. *Tyebe waves her paw at the Cusack family*  She uses her bright whiteness and her arms to serve as lights on their landing in the backyard.”                                                           
There they are! What a great landing. Timmy’s a real pilot.

What’s happening in here.                                                                            

Holy Cwap!! It’s Einey and the whole family! What a wonderful surprise. A Halloween Delight.


Welcome, to our cool city.

Let’s introduce everyone.

First, we have Buddy. the most senior member of the family. The nip stops here. What Buddy says usually goes.

Timmy in his fancy costume.

Rumpy is an evil clown.

Here is Miss Fitz as Maleficent with horns.

Here’s Toby with many claws….the more treats to grab. mol

Here’s Einey as Dracula.

Here’s Shoko as Dracula’s assistant.

Here is me being my real self…a Demogorgon.

Last but not least is Budd.

This is our Voodoo King.

Happy Halloween Everyone from Tomcat Commentary by Tim and the Canadian Cats.

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