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Sunday Selfie with Tyebe

This is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Heads place.  Click on the badge or the name and join the animals chatting and generally expressing themselves.

  However a family member by the name of Giulietta, passed over to the bridge a few days back and Coop’s  feeling down in the dumps  so I flew him up here to be with us for a little while.                                                       

Hey Coop, tell us a wee bit about Giulietta.  I liked her and  would jump on her head to see how she would like a two ton truck on her!  mol  I kept trying to tell her about the importance of being prepared.  She never caught on but just figured I was picking on her.  She was a beauty.

I know you hate to see your mom and dad upset but they are strong like you.  Snuggle with me Snap and I’ll help by snoring those upsetting thoughts away.                                                                     

This our selfie for today.

You know Snap, one of us should lose weight and then we’d fit in here better.  Tyebe we probably wouldn’t be as close.