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Sunday Selfie with Tyebe

Today is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head blog.  So grab your typist and rush over there by clicking on the badge.                                                  

Hey Budd, I’ll take my selfie here with you. OK, Tyebe but I see a crow on the lawn…shhh.

That’s a keeper.

Ohh, another Crow. They’re doing the tango. I need a drink. Wonder if there are bubbles in the fountain.

TYEBE…..Royal Blue

Have a great Sunday friends.                                                                         

Tyebe’s Selfie on a September Sunday

Tyebe what are you staring at?  Look at this water….there’s hairs floating in it.  Ewww.    Dad just changed it too.                                                              It’s probably just your furs, Tyebe.  Really?  Oh ya, they’re white. mol *hic*

Shokos did you’se ever catch these here birds.  They keep moving when me’s bat them.                                                                        

They tease us Tyebe. They just never get hurt and fall over. Maybe you can jump up and grab one. The others should follow in a sort of gull pile. mol

It is Selfie Sunday so let’s get our butt’s in gear and surprise mom with a special picture. The Cat On My Head is providing the platform for our selfie blog hop so let’s do it.                                                             

Me’s did it. I’s didn’t make an odd face or anything. Woohoo!!

Have a great Sunday friends.  Me’s will.