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A Walk On the Warm Side

It’s warm as toasted nip out there, TyebeIt’s gorgeous and its calling us, Shoko.  Look at the flies!!  I haven’t seen flies since last year.                                                               
I don’t like the buzzing they perform either but it’s nice to know they’re back.  Let’s go into the Lane and see if the mud is road again.

Yuck!! It’s still muddy. My paws keep getting sucked into the muck. Let’s try and run through lawns to get to the crappy house.

We are joining Sandee and Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.  Go visit them.  Simply click on the name or the badge and be there.

We made it to the crappy house and it looks like it had a hard winter.

I got to admit this is a great place to catch mice. mol


Let’s go sit on the sun deck with mom.  Sounds good to me.  Shoko we never sit on the sundeck…

Aww,,,,this dirt feels so good.

This grass smells like it’s going to turn green soon.

Sunday Selfie With Shoko


My friends over at The Cat On My Head are holding another Selfie Sunday and I thought my selfie should join my friends in the mug shots, um….the row of shame….no the models of all things furry and beautiful. That’s it!                                                                       I was in the shower cleaning as per my contract with mom when I thought I saw a hairy monster coming out of the drain.  I’m taking a closer look in this picture.                                                                              A photo of our BFF Nellie, Kali and me self out of our memory book.  Aren’t we gorgeous!

Have a sunny Sunday and may your water bowl always have fresh cold nip…growing beside it.