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We are participating in Awww Monday through Comedy Plus.                                                               
It is a fine Monday here, very sunny and cold enough to freeze the balloons off a floating giraffe. Speaking of floating giraffes, have you spotted any today?

What are you doing, Shoko? This is Aww…Monday not, *Free your Animal Spirit Day*. All this cold is getting through to you. Your brain has turned to mush. mol…haha Get it…mushy brain from freezing and thawin’.
We’re also participating in Sparks. Ann from McGuffy’s Reader started Sparks many moons ago and though she is taking a break from blogging, we liked the idea of a positive thought to start off the week.

Imagine the problems the floating giraffes have…they have to turn completely around and not fall on their heads.                                                                         
You can see Budd’s problem and mom’s foot but many people have problems you can’t see but these problems are very real. A welcoming word can make all the difference.
May your week be warm and welcoming.