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Playing with Canada Post Goodies

The mail lady came today with a happy surprise for all of us.  This lady snuck up onto our porch and rang the doorbell.  I screamed. “introoder alert,”  Then I hot pawed it under the bed.  Tyebe looked at me as if I was nuts.  She’ll learn one day.                                                      

It was a parcel for us from the Overlook Twins.

No, no, not those two.  They’re girls.  The Overlook Twins I’m thinking of are real he-men and they’re from France.  You can see them on Easy Blog.  Just call them Phenny and Neilson.                                                         These are the guys I’m referring to.  Don’t they look like they could do serious harm?  My kind of dudes.

Look at the stuff they sent us.  Mom also got a package from the Overlook Twins mom.                                                                            There is a Play and Bowl.  It’s cool.  I’s didn’t use the bowl but mom is going to put treats in it and see if mes can sniff them out. mol *hic*

Me’s fuzzy cause I’s so fast that no camera can catch me’s without going blurry.                                                                         Shoko had to try the Play and Bowl too.

The velvet lips are just me size and mes planning on hauling them around the house.

It has been a fun playing day thanks to the Overlook Twins. Thanks doods.

Night all!


Introducing The Crotchety Cougars

Introducing The Crotchety Cougars




See there we are in our red hats.  We are beautiful.  Hey why doesn’t Madi have her hat on?

It’s way too hot and that hat is made of wool….it’s like sticking my head in an oven!                                                                              


So you think we’re not all roasting?

Well, I have a sensitive system and get the vapors if I’m overheated.  Just ask Allie…she knows what I mean.

A wool hat with all these furs is pretty hotsy totsy.    See the vapors on Binga…she’s stunned.                                                                     Whatcha talkin’ bout fuzzy?                                                   I am not stunned…you’re the stunned one.  I’m a classy broad.  I’m posing as a voluptuous feline.

Alright ladies, act like ladies and  smile pretty as we say our motto. Alright.




Kali’s Adventure

acstHi ya friends.  I sit atop the love seat back to tell you about today’s post.  I feel so tall sitting here and looking right in your face.

Mom was getting quite worried about Kali over the last 10 days.  Kali was lethargic, didn’t eat much, drank little and slept in the condo most of the day then coming to bed and continuing to sleep at night.  She would cry out in her sleep at night and mom would get up and pet her, all the time talking about fun things that Kali would like.

So guess what happened? That’s right, Kali won the award for sleeping more than any other cat in our vicinity.  MOL  Sorry mom, I couldn’t help but kid around.   On a more serious note, Kali had an appointment with the vet.  Off she went.  I said I’d wait here, no need for me to tag along, thank you very much.                                                                       ackalivetDr. Kalyn said Kali’s weight and hydration levels were good and she recommended mom give her Meticam for 3 days in a row to see if it lessened the pain in her arthritic joints.  Mom and dad were giving her Meticam but only when Kali was having difficulty walking.  Then the three of them headed back home.  Mom and dad took turns giving Kali her liquid oral med for the three days.  Was there a difference?  You bet your booties there was!!  Kali was racing around the hall on the second day and playing with toys, even though her paw was very sore before, now she was hitting toys with the paw.                                                                             akp                    Simon’s Cat hearts had to run from the paw.                                                                     akp2Sorry about the picture quality friends but in the first picture Kali”s paws were movin’ pretty fast.  I don’t know what happened in the second photo….her paw is clear as a bell but her face’s all fuzzy.  Her face wasn’t movin’ all that fast.  Go figure!

Have a great day and may all your mice be furless….nothing worse than furs up the nose when one is hard at play.                                                            Kali and Shoks





Bear your Whiskers

What’s this fuzzy thing?  It’s fur me….let’s see?  Oh…..it’s really a pile of fur……you can give it to Kali….I feel like sharing.  I don’t want to try it on…ok….if I have to.                                                                 bearzmWhat can I say?  I’m speechless!                                                                   Kali and Shoks

Sunday Selfie with Model Shoko


The Cat on My Head is holding the Sunday Selfies and it was time I posed as Kali got Caturday Artsy day.  I took several pictures and mom loved all of them.  If mom wouldn’t who would?  These are samples;                                                                                                                                                  By the last picture the timer had quit and I was having a tough time clicking the picture.   My back paw was stretched about as far as it could go to click the picture.  This is why its so fuzzy.                                                                            Aww… done for this week.  Hope your Sunday is wonderful my friends.

We found out that Dharth of Purrince Siddhartha Henry an Ladymum’s Purrfect Pad is sick .  He has a serious bowel infection.  He needs the POTP.  So let’s show him how the POTP works and send our love with it.  Just click on the blog name and visit Dharth.