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The Last Friday Friendly Fill Ins of 2021

It’s time for Ellen from 15 and Meowings Friday Fill Ins with her co-host  Lorianne from Four Legged Fur Balls                                                            1. I had hoped to …GROW TURNIPS…in 2021 but didn’t.  I found out our soil is not good for turnips. The turnips tend to get maggots.  Glad the neighbour told me.



No pictures….this is private!

3. I’ll be….ON TOP OF THE CONDO….when 2021 ends.




WE all wish for a disappearance of covid in,2022.   Also a year where all furries and non furries find furever homes and are no longer on the streets, lanes or in the wilds.



Happy Tyebe Tuesday

We are joining Comedy Plus and Happy Tuesday.

Come join us and visit with some purrty special furries. Click on the name or badge…..both will send you flying. MOL

No Budd.  There will be no more pictures of you in a box sleeping.  You’re getting boring.  You have your eyes open and look with it or our friends will think you’re sick.  Shoko’s even up and about more than you, Budd.                                                                 

How about helping with the tree, Budd. Mom has started dressing it. She needs my help though.

The tree is pretty solid from down here.

I must stretch and get that babble.

There…. the lights are tucked in.

Sure need to do more work here.

That’ll be for tomorrow.  How do you like it so far Budd?

It’s starting to look festive, Tyebe.


Thankful Thursday

What a mild day for November 28th.  It was 6C above today.  Normally it’s about -10C.  We’s lucky little furries.  We ran around and played this afternoon.  Mom didn’t get photos cause she was too slow. mol *hic*

Today is a good day to be Thankful what with mild weather and our friends in the blogosphere.  Where would we be without cha?

I moved when mom got in close.  How would you like me to shove a camera up your nose?
Brian’s Home is putting on the blog hop and you just MUST go and visit.
Just tell them Tyebe sent you and visit with your friends.
As I was saying I am very thankful that our friends visit us and partake of the nip.  We love to chatter and chattering to friends is always a fun way to spend time.  Isn’t that right Budd?  Budd?  What are you doing?

What happened to your ceegar, Budd?
Looks like you got carried away chewing on it.                                                            
Looks like your ceegar has a hole in it Budd. It does Tyebe. It’s ruined. What will mom say? The stuffing is all over the floor in the livingroom. Don’t ya worry bout it, Budd. Mom seems to understand these things happen. There is a good way to look at this. What way is that? Christmas is coming and you can ask Santa for a new ceegar. Is there really a Santa Paws? That’s what Shokos says. She’s been around many years so she should know. I’ll send Santa a letter and ask for a new Yeowy ceegar.
Have a super Thursday everyone.  Be thankful today too.                                                            

A Cool Walk In The Lane


C’mon mom let’s go.  Do you have to put that big boot on?  You look odd but as long as you can get to the Lane. Mmmm…OK.                                           

All right…we’re off in a cloud of nip and bones!

Yuck…it’s all yellow and bare out here.  Maybe there’s a mouse about.

Here mewssseeeyyy…come play with me.  We’ll have fun.                                                    

Guess they don’t believe me.  I can hear little pawsteps running away.

I’m coming mom…there are so many prey smells around.

Time to go home?  OK, let’s hit the dirt and come again tomorrow.

That was Saturday, my friends.  Sunday arrived with a surprise.

Snow!! Oh, no….hope it disappears.

My bowl of water was very cold.                                                   Fortunately, it’s The Cat On My Head’s selfie Sunday so I took the picture mom had me shoot yesterday and blended it in with all the other furries pictures.  Come see it at The Cat On My Head’s blog.  Simply click on the name and be swept along with the tide.

Wags and Waves Tribute To Forrest Green

We lost a member of Blogville a few weeks ago, this is a tribute to one of the bestest woofies we had the pleasure of knowing.  We never met him in woofie/kitty style but communicating with Forrest was fun and so informative.  We will carry loving thoughts for you and your family in our hearts Forrest.  When we think of you we will relax and purr.                                                            forresttribute Forrest we are waving to you from our wee corner of Canada.  You are among the other great furry friends that have graced us with their laughter and fun selves and then silently departed.   We blow you a kiss and hope your path will be filled with love always.                                                                                                     XstreetGif_CanadaPlease drop by All Fur One and One Fur All and let Bev know how you feel.  Simply click on her blog name.

magic carpet over France finished.jpKali, do you think Forrest, Lexi and Mousegirl can see us better when we’re closer to them?  I think those fantastic furries would have no trouble seeing their friends wherever they are on or off this planet.  We will see you fine furries when our time here is done. 

Kali and Shoks