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In Pursuit of Flavours

In Pursuit of Flavours is coming out next Wednesday so we huddled as to what food is best for November.  It was very cool and snowy so we were bored.  We zoomed on the computer with Phenny and Nelly.  They wanted no part of the snow or the cold.  We ended up playing “I Spy with my Little Eye.”  Nelly won.  On to the foods.  We decided November is cold or at least cool in most places so we all need fuel to keep us warm.                                                   
An early snowstorm has us buddling up. So we thought a meal with something to warm our tummies would be appropriate.  “Tummy Warmers” could consist of soups, stews, goulashes…..you get the idea.                                                                     

Something delicious that sticks to the ribs.  We will be back Monday to tell you what we decided to make.  How about fried fish on a stick, Shoko?  What da ya mean it’s not exactly what we mean.  We can set it on fire and then it would be real hot!  You have no sense of adventure, Shoks.  Phenny’s up for it as long as we don’t have the bon fire of fish  in his house.  Tyebe…*$*^%%..and no is the final word#$&%!  It sounded like it would liven up the joint.                                                     

We are joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus Run over and see your friends trying to be silent.  It’s a hoot.  Just click on Comedy Plus.                                                                               See ya Monday.