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Sparks of Happiness

Let’s get into the groove Kali. This is Sparks Monday. A wonderful way to start off the week in a positive mood. Annie of McGuffy’s Reader started this blog hop.  Click on Annie’s blog and see the others with uplifting quotes.

Mom Is a great believer in spreading happiness for others cause sometimes peeps need an extra boost to see the happiness around them.

Remember, when you smile at someone on the street, you don’t know the burden they’re carrying. It could be huge! A compliment to this stranger may just take his mind off his troubles and brighten a few minutes in his life.  In doing so our spirit is that much more positive and happy.

Have a great week friends.                                                      

Sunday Selfie with Sisteh!

It’s time to decorate for Christmas, mom. Ho, ho ho….even!  C’mon Kali…..time to put your best paw forward.                                           

Ok…I was just reading the paper…..Prime Minister Trudeau seems popular.  I guess legalizing pot didn’t hurt. 


Kali, bring your bony butt out here and help us.

Keep your fur on, I’m coming.

 What’s this? I can tell mom’s been really busy, aha…she’s playing with the mice again.mol

 This is the table for the Poinsettia tablecloth…I remember from last year.

Here’s mom’s favourite wrapping paper. *sigh* I sure made a mess out of it when I attacked it last year. Ya, and you tried to blame it on me!

Let’s take our selfie for The Cat On My Head, right here…..*click*  There we go.                                                    

Simply click on the blog hop name and fly off to the selfie party.                                           Have a fun Sunday, friends.                                                             


Sunday Happenings


Hey, this Saturday is so warm!  The weatherman says +6C….toasty.                                             

My spidey senses tell me there is another pair of paws wandering around the house. Could it be, yes it’s gotta be the white tornado!

It’s not me Shoks…I’m grabbing a few winks before you get in my face again. I don’t get in your face! I strategically place myself in a position where you can’t miss seeing me. Like I said…in my face. Whatever!

Wonder what this racket could be.  It seems to be coming from the bedroom.  As any good guard cat, I must uncover this mystery.                                            

Oh no, we had forgotten bout Elfin John!  Go away and leave me alone.  You bugged me til Crisp Mouse last year.  I’m taking a nap in my pillow tent.                                                 

No, no….I meant ALONE!  I don’t want to sleep with you.                                                 

Geez, you don’t have to bow to me…I would never hurt you little Elfin. You seem like one of the good Christmas elves.

I’m flyin! hehe,  I’m free.


I caught a fish for Shoko. She’ll be so impressed.  For me?  Thanks, Elfin J.

How bout if you do the Sunday Selfie with me, Elfin John?  You like that idea.  First, we must thank The Cat On My Head for holding this blog hop for so long.  Furries….please drop by and visit us in our slot on the blog hop.  Simply click on the blog hop name and *poof* you’re there.                                                      

*Click* Ya, you got us Elfin J but its kinda obvious you took the picture….next time look as if you are doing nothing.


Have a great day, friends.                                              


Sunday Selfies with Sleepy Shoko


Today is the day for The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfies.  Tap on the name and visit us modeling our selfies.                                                   I had a lazy day, flopping around the cat pole beside mom.                                             I don’t wake quickly….

However, I awake eventually and I sparkle…mol

Have a sunny Sunday, my friends.                                                      


On Hallowed Eve….

It’s Halloween and I’m ready.  Do you think Juno’s mom hands out treats with catnip on them?                                                     Are you wearing that Shoko….you really do look high-class but bloody?  Einey likes me in this so maybe I will wear it.

Hey, Juno’s parent’s have nothing that we like.  They gave out tiny toothbrushes and toothpaste.                                         Ripoff….be right back Kali and Buddy.

That’s much better.  Holy Shoko!  Where did you get all the toilet paper to drape over Juno’s property?  Remember all that toilet paper mom and dad got last week cause it was cheaper if one buys 87,000 rolls?  Ya.  Well, here they are!                                                  HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS.

Sparks are Flyin’


Today is McGuffy Reader’s Spark day.  We give a quote of some positive encouragement for others.                                                    

We were thinking of how to brighten someone’s day and thought of:                                                           

Can you think of a better SPARK to go flyin’ on the breeze as a smile?  You can only give a smile away to do any good.  What happens when you smile at someone on the street?  Sometimes they will look at you and turn their head away.  It’s not because they don’t like you, they don’t know you.  A smile from a stranger is just so different that they don’t know what to do.  However, they will remember your smile for at least the rest of the day.  What about the ones that smile back?  These peeps are open and ready to accept your free gift.  They will be more positive and pass your gift along.  Yet it cost you nothing.                                         Maybe don’t smile quite this happily or peeps will think you’re nuttier than a fruitcake and avoid you.

Have a positive Monday, my friends.


FryDay’s Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s FryDay!  That means a long weekend here as it’s Thanksgiving on Monday.                                                                                       Cranberry Nip Tea

We get turkey and extra treats.  Mom and dad are going out for Thanksgiving this year.  Which means a block party for the furries here.  I must plan who I really want here and who I won’t tolerate busting into our frolic time.


It’s time for Ellen of 15 and Meowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blogs to throw out our statements of the day.  We’re ready ladies.                                                          

1. October is the perfect time to …..CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH A TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS.    Then when Christmas rolls around everyone will be ready for turkey again.  Yummy!

2. Halloween…IS THE TIME FOR SCARY STORIES.  I LIKE TO WATCH KALI GET UPSET AND MAKE ODD FACES. MOL                                                      


My turn you can of Catberry sauce.

3. Every October, I …..THROW OUT MY OLD POLISH aND LIPSTICKS AND HINT fOR tHE LATEST POLISHES AND NIP GLOSS….SORRY I MEAN LIP GLOSS.                                                     


There you have it our fill-ins with feelings.


Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, friends.