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Shoko’s Selfie Sunday

The Cat On My Head is hosting our selfies this fine Sunday.  I had trouble getting my selfie this week as mom called my attention to some shredded plant that was hanging out near my cat pole.  I don’t know everything that goes on in this joint.  Geesh!                                   

I must focus on my selfie. This dang remote is stuck. Oh for cat feathers. c’mon…whoops *click*. Oh, my I was taken by surprise. 

The camera caught me rolling my eyes!  MOL

Have an awesome Sunday my friends.


I Spy With My Little Eye…

I was just sittin’ on the deck.  The part without snow.  The sun was warm on my side.  I spotted some hooligan trying to get at my nip and said a silent curse under my breath.  Apparently, mom heard my silent curse so I wasn’t as silent as I thought.  She came runnin’ out, slipped and hobbled back into the house.  No words, or nothin’!  Next, I saw the introoder leaving the nip patch…the nip hasn’t grown enough to raid. mol  Get outta here you sucker!                                                        

Yep, it was snowing again but not much.  I spied a feathered fiend on my steps.  He was not completely black and I was at a loss….what is this thing?                                                      

Enjoy your day my friends.

Sunday Selfie with Sleepy Shoko

The Cat On My Head is the host for our blog hop of selfies.  This is no surprise as they do this every Sunday.  They are just really good furries that love our company. Come by and visit with us.  Simply click on the blog host name and join us.                                              

I was unsure of my selfie as I just woke up after a short siesta, 4 hours of undisturbed relaxation.
No, no, no! Not when I first wake up. I have sleep in my eyes. You sound like Kali, Shoks. Guess I do…she was my teacher.

Here’s my nanner! I was sitting on it.                                                             
This is more like it. My nonchalant, “Well, hello there friends” look

May your Easter Sunday be filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies.

Thankful Thursday

 Hurry up mom, we have to play before it’s Story Time.  I think Cow Kitty’s Cheese with Mice would be fun.                                                

This basket on your desk is in a great place. I can watch you and everyone else that comes into my area.

I haven’t played with the Cheese and Mice for years. I wonder if I still know how?

Look at those mice go.  Son of a mouse eater!

They’re hiding.

MOL…here they come again.!

Today is Brian’s Thankful Thursday so I am very thankful mom plays with me and does most of the things I want to do. For this alone, I am a thankful Shoko.

Click on Brian’s Thankful Thursday and join in the hop. You know what they say…”Ye who hops like a bunny will find an easter egg in their bed!”

Have a super thankful day my friends.

Sparks of….Friendship

It’s been a long week friends.  My emotions were pretty raw there for awhile and believe me I let mom and dad know how I felt.  I won’t go into detail but I am starting to settle.

Mom and dad tried to get me out in my stroller today but I didn’t want any part of the stroller while it’s outside.  No way, um um.  Mom ended up taking Monty the stuffed Mountain Goat.                                                          

I waited for them on the front porch.                                                      

Do you know what helped mom and me during this difficult transition? It was all our friends sending us support and hugs. Yep, it sure was…..am I starting to talk like Buddy now? Geez! Any way you helped us out of a dark place. Which brings us to our Sparks for this week. You know Sparks was started by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader to bring a positive thought to the start of our week.

We see the support and understanding given to us as very special.

Mom, I have a reputation to uphold so enough of this mushy stuff.                                                  


Sunday Selfie with Kali

I just got back from Fiji yesterday with the Crotchety Cougars.  What a trip and a half that was!  We were chased out of Fiji though.  We had a great time.  The Cougars are resting up today except for Allie, Ali, and Shoko.  They’ve gone to Egypt with Cat Scouts.  It’ll do Shoko some good to be with the others and get warm fresh air.

We have had our fill of snow and cold.  We got high winds and snow yesterday so we have another foot of snow.                                              

I know….once you’ve seen a couple of feet of snow, the extra two feet are redundant.  I otta sell all this snow on eBay…..cheap! hehe

The Cat on My Head is putting on the Selfies so pop on over and try a selfie yourself or admire your friend’s handiwork.                                                          

Have a super weekend friends.

Artsy Caturday

It’s time for our art work already Kali.  This has been a short week.  We are tied with the record snowfall of 1944.  Wow!  That’s a long time ago.  I think that’s older than mom and dad.
You see the stick coming out of the snow between two humps of snow? This stick designates where the fire hydrant is located. With the stick coming out, the snow removal guys know not to dump a heap of snow on top of it.

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty is having her blog hop of artsy animals and we’re going to join.  Just click on the blog name and hop over to see the wonderful art of some gifted peeps and their ever-helpful anipals.                                                  
I’m attempting to get my head warmed in the sun but the sun keeps moving.

This is me with the Fairy Art on Lunapic.  I like it!  Mom didn’t make me look dorky for a change.

Have a warm and happy weekend friends.