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Flippin’ Friday Friendly Fill-Ins

It’s Friday and time for those Fun Fill-Ins.  Our co-hosts are 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

We are going to fill-in one sentence each.  Then mom will fill-in the last one.                                                                    

1. One can…..OF FANCY FEAST IS BUDD”S BREAKFAST.  I’m Budd and could use 2 cans of Fancy Feast.


2. Given the choice of…..PLAY…..or…..EAT….., I would pick…..PLAY.


3. LAYING NEXT TO TYEBE….. makes me feel…..SUSPICIOUS.


4. I never go a day without …..A CUPPATEA.


We are also taking part in ComedyPlus’s Feline Friday.                                                            

Have a fantabulous Friday friends.

What did the cat say when he lost all his money?

I’m Paw.

Flitty Friday Fill-Ins with Flowers

Budd, tell me about the Lane and life on the road.  What do ya wanna know little one?  Did you have any friends, Budd?  I sure did, lots of friends.  Who was your best friend and what was he like?  Well, I’d have to say Sal was a steady friend that liked the same food as me.  He was a big guy, like me and we’d make the rounds of houses together.  Sal could make the most pitiful puss by drooping his whiskers and making wide innocent eyes.hehe  What a guy.  His one weakness was salmon.  He was crazy over salmon and would do almost anything if the result was him getting salmon.  One day after a particularly heavy rain I told Sal that there was a salmon swimming in in a deep puddle in the Lane.  You know he went through every puddle in the Lane to find that salmon.  Later that day he came up to me with a piece of salmon in his mouth.  “Dood, I found that salmon in the last puddle in the Lane and it was delish.  I put aside a huge piece for you but a few hours after I ate my share, I got salmon withdrawal and had to eat your share.  I mean dood, I was shaking, seeing little fishies that weren’t there.  It was horrible”, said Sal.  Was it true, Budd?  We’ll never know for sure Tyebe.  There are strange things done in the Lane after a full moon and the night before the salmon showed up there was a full moon.  

What a story Budd.  You do have the tails to tell.  It’s Friday and time for the Fill-Ins with 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.                                                                  

1. For Halloween, I want to be….A DARTBOARD.                                           

2. TYEBE…. makes me feel like royalty.  EVERYTHING I DO, SHE LIKES.  UNLIKE THE OLDER FURRY LADY OF THE HOUSE.                                               


4. If I had a witch’s cauldron, I would stir up a potion for …..LETTING CATS LIVE AS LONG AS HUMANS.                                                          


Now, for the show of flowers hosted by Living Laughing Barking In Our Backyard.                                                                           

Mom was just head over heels over this passion flower. She thought it looked like something alien from a different world.

Have a lovely weekend friends.                                                                                         


Friday’s Friendly Fill-Ins with Shoko and Tyebe

It’s a Friday and that means a fun-filled Friendly Fill-Ins day with our co-hosts 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.

I will comple the first 2 sentences and Tyebe the last 2 sentences.

1. As a child, I feared……PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING, BUT I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE TO SEE I WAS SCARED SO I HITHED AND GROWLED AT EVERYONE.  MUCH AS I DO NOW THAT TYEBE’S HERE.                                                        

2. Friday the 13th …..IS A FRIDAY AND THAT’S A FISH FRY DAY AT                                            CAT SCOUTS.  ANY FISH DAY IS A GREAT DAY.                                                                 

3. I think.….MY EARS… are my best quality.  WITH RADAR LIKE MINE I CAN HEAR TREATS RATTLED IN A TIN 3 ROOMS AWAY. MOL *hic*                                                                          



I’m not impressed, mom!

Friday Fill Ins with Shoko and Tyebe

Friday is Fill-In day from 15 and Meowing and Four -Legged Furballs.  Thank you ladies for the fabulous sentences.


1. When it is hot,….. I HEAD INTO THE LANE TO SLEEP IN THE LONG COOL GRASS OF THE DILAPIDATED HOUSE.                                                             

2. I am looking forward to….. GETTING A FEW RIDES IN THE STROLLER….WITHOUT TYEBE this month.                                                                          

Over to you Tyebe.  Now just relax and tell it like it is,

3. The theme song of my life would be…..”I GET AROUND” by the Beach Boys.

4. There is no such thing as…..SHARING.  IT’S EVERY KITTY FOR ITSELF. 

Mes did it Shokos.  I’s was good too. mol *hic*  You were quite good, Tyebe.  Dang mes fantabulous!

Tyebe’s late night activity.

Caturday Farty Arty with Shoko and Kali

Puff, puff, puff….I ran all the way here.  Mom forgot Caturday art while she was out spending ALL our money.  Even when she came home, she got on-line and all I heard was…..”I like that!  An excellent price!*  click, click.  So I figure we, meaning Kali and I, won’t be eating much in the future, till we pay off mom’s wild Black Friday.  I told you Ninja assassins were waiting for us on Black Friday.  I just didn’t realize they’d go after us this way.  Showing everyone great deals is part of  Black Friday Shoko.  I’ll bet all peeps have a money problem after yesterday…..well a lot anyhow.  Where do the Ninja assassins come in then?  Oh, well theirs is an ancient curse, handed down for generations.  You never know when they’ll strike on Black Friday….they are virtually invisible Shoko.  WOWZERS….real live, invisible Ninja.  They only appear on Black Friday?  Yes, then they’re gone.  So we don’t have to worry about them.  Right on!

Today is Caturday Art with our friend Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty.  Simply click on her blog and view the parade of anipals showing their creative side like us.                                                                  caturdayartbannerHere is a collage of Kali and I for your dart throwing pleasure. MOL                                                              kali-n-shoko-butterfly-collage1May the Earth always have art because without art the Earth is just  EH!


KALI…..ORANGE                                                                                        sistersinarmsfall

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins Week 6

Kali, do you care if it’s Friday?  Not really Shoks.  Wait!  Yes, yes I do.  We started filling out 15 and Meowing and McGuffy’s Reader’s Fill in’s.   Cwap!!  You’re right Kali.  Let’s get on with it.                                                                 aakstalkf


1. The best brand of  treat is  Island Paradise by Party Mix.

Totally Kali.  You must try them friends.  They’re just the right size, small and melt in your mouth and the taste mmmm…well, you just have to taste them for yourself.

2. Mom refuses to buy dog shampoo  unless there is a sale or a coupon.  I need not say anything…Woofie shampoo?

  3. I am inspired by cats that speak up for themselves!.  We are Siamese and believe in speaking up if we want anything or something is on our minds.  Never mind guessing what we want….we’ll let you know.

4.Whenever I see a camera I close my eyes. MOL  Ok my turn at the last statement;

4.Whenever   moi sees a crow , I   chatter at great length  .  Sounds like my false teeth are clattering together. MOL

There you have it friends.  Our fill-ins for this Friday. 

 Shoko is black

Kali is orange

Dash Kitten.Com has chosen The Canadian Cats as the representatives of Canada for their International Blog.  Read the interview by clicking on Dash Kitten .Com.  We were very honoured.

Kali and Shoks







Kali’s Gotcha Day Coming Up


Shoko, Kali’s Gotcha Day is quickly approaching.  Oh, it’s not until next month Mom.  It’s on Friday Shoko.  Well, it really is Sunday but Sunday is Mother’s Day so we’ll celebrate it Friday.  Seriously??

I'm not ready though!!

I’m not ready though!!

Do you think she’d like a picture of me, mom.  Would you like a picture of Kali for your Gotcha Day Shoks?  Not really.  What can I get her?  I haven’t saved any treats and the catnip plant hasn’t got any new nip yet…just a few sprouts.  Well, I’m going shopping today perhaps I’ll see something.  Mom don’t you have anything for her?  I ordered her a “Furminator,” from Amazon but no sign of it yet.  I hope we get it before her Gotcha Day.  I plan on making a special meal and a cake for her.  Catnip of course inside the cake…you betcha’.  Kali will be 13…about 68 human years.  WOW!….she’s getting on but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her!  She carries her age well.  She is alert as ever.  Just what the world needs more “Lerts.”

How bout you Beatrice?  You got anything for Kali’s Gotcha Day?  Oh no…this is a special occasion for Kali and I have forgotten….wait, Shoko I never heard of a Gotcha Day…what is it?  That’s the day that Kali adopted mom and moved in with her and dad.  You celebrate that?  Of course…Kali decided to come and help mom furever.  Kali has been here for 13 years.  Kali has been hanging around…I mean lived here for quite awhile, eh Shoko. Yep, she is the oldest of all of us…except dad…he is REALLY old.


Something from the heart

Something from the heart

I know Kali would love something that means a lot to us.  For example, the egg blanket for a month from you cause you love it and hate to part with it Shoko.  That’s gonna be tough Beatrice….I don’t know if I can be happy without it but Kali is one great sister….I’ll think about it.  How bout you?  It will be a surprise for you too Shoko…you’ll have to wait till Friday.


We must make her feel special on her day

We must make her feel special on her day

So drop by on Friday to visit with us and wish Kali a happy Gotcha Day….I know we’ll have treats here for cats, woofies, bunnies and pigs….peeps, I’m not sure if there will be peeps food though.