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Mom, What did you do?

A sunny day here but still cool.  I figured mom needed my help in hustling her butt so I helped her by lying right near the keypad and mouse.  I could see all the computer stuff but I got bored right quickly.                                                          

Good grief mom, don’t let Kali see this mess….she’ll start yammering at you in that weird little voice she gets when she’s ticked!                                        See, I’m very helpful….just ask me…I’ll tell ya.

Mom’s not getting around so easily these days….dad had to can the tomatoes today.

   It seems she has a fractured bone in her foot.  The doctor decided it was best for her to wear a boot for support.  She says the boot makes it easy to fall down.  We’ll see how she can handle this boot for three weeks….then she’ll go to the doctor and see if there is any difference.  If, she still walks like she didn’t make it to the kitty litter in time….she’ll have to wear the boot longer.                                                

We want to say how devastated we were at the passing of Phoebe of 15 and Meowing.  Phoebe had a difficult time with her health for some time but she is free of the pain now.  We will miss her very much in Blogville but she will remain in our hearts.                                                     

Purrince’s lady love

Happy life

Oh so precious and will be missed

Eternally loved by all 

Beautiful new heavenly angel

Especially sweet to her siblings

Thanks Madi for the beautiful words.