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It’s Artsy, Fartsy Caturday

It’s Friday and very warm here.  Yesterday mom, Kali and I went outside in the snow as it was -4C.  Mom made a little snowman and put it on the steps to the deck.

snowsmMom figured she could put a carrot, two pebbles and a hat on the snowman today but, alas, the temperature is 6C above and the snowman melted completely.

snowkalismKali helped….by talking at mom.

Yahoo, I can go in Athena and Marie’s Caturday display.  The instructions are complicated so pay attention.  First go to the name of the host blog and click on the name.  It’s called Athena and Marie’s Caturday Blog for those that have forgotten or your paws were too slippery after dripping sardine juice into your mouth that you slide off the computer and had a lapse in memory.

This is moi in coloured foil done through Corel Paintshop.

Have a great Caturday my friends.
Kali and Shoks

Final Preps for Shoko’s Gotcha Pawty


Shoko, you can do Caturday Artsy Day before you go to Cat Scouts for the Weekend…OK?  Sure!  I love Caturday Artsy Day.  Hey, what are you up to Kali?  You usually fight me tooth and nail for an Artsy picture.  Are you planning something my peach coloured sis?  It’s my Gotcha Day on Monday.  Is it?  Oh no I forgot Shoko…can you ever forgive me?  Really…seriously?  You forgot all about me?  Some sis you are……I’m hurt Kali.  So you didn’t even get me a prezzie?  A prezzie!  I wonder if the thrift store is still open…I could afford a stick man or something.  Did mom forget too Kali?  She never said anything to me about it or I would have known.  Maybe she has.  I’m sure glad I’m off to Cat Scouts then. I always have fun there.  Flag Day should be a hoot.  First, I will pose for the Artsy picture.

If, you want to see more anipals showing their creative side just click on the blog name and be swept away to Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog.

I’m going to have a little talk with mom and then go to Cat Scouts, Kali.  I want to give Scout Charles a ribbing….that always gives me a laugh.

I thought she’d never leave.  Ok…let’s set up those chairs and tables Einstein and Timmy.


bistro table

bistro table

Get rid of the fertilizers and other gardening stuff guys.  Thanks…its looking nice.

benchThe bench and shaded deck are super…how does the garden look Einstein?  It’s clean…no crap lying in it, Kali.  It looks ready for Shoko’s anipals to play in it.

Lots of room to dig and dance

Lots of room to dig and dance

The food is ready to go…so we got it guys.  Now all we have to do is wait for showtime Monday morning.  Shoko will be so surprised…she thinks we’ve totally forgotten…MOL

Sunday is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head Blog(Click on the blog name and fly like the wind to the blog).  This is a bloghop so come and see all your anipals and their efforts at selfies.  Some of these anipals are very good at taking selfies.  Others, like me will always be trying to achieve the perfect selfie.


Flag Day Kali

Flag Day Kali