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Here a Nip, there a Nip





Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

cauldronwitchcCackle, cackle

Hey, what’s mom trying to do?  She sounds like a witch.  A real witchy woman. MOL  Geez I don’t know Shoko.  This is unusual even for mom.

a12Mom, what are you doing?  I sent away to Cat a Bliss.nip for some therapeutic samples of nip to help you with your arthritis.  Kiara was very helpful.  I will be mixing different amounts of 3 plants.  First our own fresh nip, Valerian Root and Silvervine.  That’s not fair, I should get to try it too mom!  What one gets the other gets too.  You said this mom.  True Shoko, I did.  Would you like to take Kali’s meds too?  Well, no, but…  It’s ok Shoko I was planning on having you sample the nip too.                                                                  ashcrzmAlright!  How do we go about this mom?  We have our powdered nips and a spoon to measure the amounts.  Hummm, I see you’ve been sampling the powdered nip  from the garden Shoko.  It could’ve been Kali. MOL                                                                            aaholenip

Would you believe my teeth were itchy? MOL



I won’t taste it until you quit looking at me! Ugh, ugh, no way….take that flashy box away. I refuse to try it.


It’s delicious Kali! Makes me feel light as a feather. MOL Really Shoko, have some style…you are a Siamese.

Well, there you have it right from our whiskers.  We are taking nip for medicinal purposes only…MOL  That’s so funny!  I’m feeling a wee bit peckish.  Any treats hanging around, Kali?  MOL  Treats hanging….what a picture.

May your whiskers never chase you home.                                                                             sistersinarmsfall

Kali’s Sunday Selfie

No!  I don’t want the flashy thing in my face.  I see spots afterward.                                                                                          That’s more like it.  What do you mean that’s not good enough?                                                                                That’s gotta be better Shoko…I see some spots.                                                                                   Sorry, there Kali…..I was drifting off.  Give it one more try.  Don’t worry about the spots.  When you see them start counting and we’ll find out who sees more spots after the flashy thing.

Got it…a bit blurry but that’s a selfie of me.                                                                                                                                                                   The Cat On My Head is showing off the selfies of my anipal friends.  Just click on their name and enjoy the gorgeous selfies.                                                                         



Meowing in the Basket

Here let me take a Shoko selfie. my black faced friend.  Go away Kali!  I’m trying to get rid of these bags under my eyes.  I don’t see any bags Shoko. Click!!!                                                                          Dang Shoks, you got your eyes closed!  I don’t like that flashy thing.  I see spots afterward Kali.  OK, that makes sense…..I don’t like it either.

You see my ear…is there a bug there….it’s so itchy.  No, I don’t see anything Kali.  Are you sure….its so dang itchy.  Here I’ll show you.  CLICK!!!

MOL…A closeup of my ear furs….yuck…MOL