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Artsy, Fartsy Caturday with Tyebe

Athena is having another Artsy Caturday and I will be in it.  Please, stop by and see the lovely pose I have for today and mom’s art.  Throw your mousie at Athena’s badge and we’ll take you away to see all the artsy pictures.                                                           

You know Tyebe, Athena has an Artsy, Fartsy Caturday every week. Me’s didn’t know that! How come we’s not in it every Saturday? The food lady seems to be tied up with lotsa things and hasn’t been able to do it every week. Maybe we’s should help mom. You know what she’d really like Tyebe? What Budd? She’d like it if you didn’t dump out all your toys on the floor and then deposit them all over the house. You eat her plant, jump on the mantel and pull everything off and then don’t play with anything. That’s a mess she has to clean up. Me’s never thought of it. Me’s get annoyed when I have to dig down in my pail to find my nanner. Wow! I’s will try and be careful Budd.

Did you know that me’s was called into Cat Scouts to try and find them thar snipes? It was a Snipe Hunt. All the scouts were trying to help me catch a snipe by telling me where they were. I’s was the only kit there to try and bag a snipe.  Me’s tried for 40 minutes but with no luck. It was fun but I wish I’d caught one. Me’s saw their teeth shining in the dark.

Don’t me’s look all ready to catch them snipes?

Mom used Lunapic again. The art effect was under Halloween….flames was used for the picture and the border is cattleya 07 but the border looks like spiders that’s why me’s likes it. mol *hic*

Have a smooth Caturday all.