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Tyebe Tuesday in the Snow

It is a frightful day but fun.  The snow is coming down in buckets.  The north wind is a howlin’ and I chose to run around like my butt’s on fire outside.

You can see where I slipped in my purrsuit of the north wind.

We are also joining Happy Tuesday at Comedy Plus  for today’s fun.  Bounce over and say “Hi” to some pretty special furries. Click on the name and you’ll be there in seconds.                                                                   

You can see how heavy the snow was falling. It was cold so the snow was small and light. Great digging snow. I am a smear by the fence attempting to dig my way to the Lane. I didn’t quite make it.

Think I’ll stay inside.  It’s warmer and there’s food!                                                       

Outside is fun for a bit and then I need to warm up my paws.

Seems to me it’s time for Shoko’s Meezerism.  Take it away big sis.

“Hunting is poor in the winter because one leaves pawprints in the snow and every vermin knows exactly where you are.”


No Fartsy, Just Artsy Caturday With Shimmering Shoko

Once again, Athena and Marie are hosting Artsy Caturday for us smooth talkers.  Click on the hosting blog and be surrounded with modelling anipals.                                                                      Cat artHere is the original picture of moi.

aa1This is last Caturday’s picture.                                                     aa12Thanks to Dreamscape, this picture is for this week.  OK, mom where did you put it?  You LOST it?  Cwap!!  This is a rip off, total bull..  Oh, you found it…great.  Sorry mom, I got caught up in the moment.                                                                          ashrip

This artsy picture is going out to Einstein, the floofiest mancat that ever was and my soul mate.  Einstein is from The Tomcat Commentary by Tim.  I am on fire for ya!    MOL                                                      Kali and Shoks

Have a fun and happy day.

Flat Shoko Has Left Canada

Kali, did I tell everyone about Flat Shoko that Dad made up for Cat Scouts?  I don’t think so Shoko.    Well butter my butt and slide me to the Catnip!  Sit down my friends have some nip and I’ll tell ya all about it.

Cat Scouts are giving scouts the opportunity to go visit their friends in Cat Scouts via a flat cat.  Well dad made a flat cat of me.  She’s a big sucker too!  I call her FOKO.                                                                                                         Foko

We mailed Foko  at the beginning of August out to DezizWorld in Oklahoma.  Dezi did a post about her visitors.  Click on DeziWorld for the First part and Part 2 for the second half of the visit.  Shoko’s flat cat boyfriend Finstein scame for a visit with brofur Fimmy.  Dezi’s mom made sure there was no look of hanky panky between Foko and Finstein.  Finstein slept at the head of the bed and Foko at the bottom.  We had tons of fun.  Mango from Cat Scouts also popped in for a visit.

Dezi telling Foko a secret...she's not very quiet and that accent...blew me away. What a fun gal.Dezi is going to tell Foko a secret. Foko says Dezi is not real quiet but has such a fantastic southern accent that Foko was mesmerized.  Lexi, Dezi’s sis, sat back and let Dezi enjoy her friends.  What a kind sister.

Dezi’s mom mailed us out to Finstein and Fimmy’s dad and we arrived last Wednesday.  What a houseful in Finstein’s family!  I never saw so many cats all in one place.  I especially liked chatting with Miss Fitz.  We had lots of girlie talk and giggles.  Go take a look at Tomcat Commentary by Tim…just click on the name.


Foko and Einstein taking a rest

Foko and Einstein taking a rest

Miss Fitz was so happy to have another female to talk with that she spilled the beans about most of the family’s secrets.  MOL  Way to go Miss Fitz.


Secrets with Miss Fitz

Secrets with Miss Fitz

Finstein’s family lives in Pennsylvania.  Fimmy and Finstein’s dad mailed Foko, Finstein and Fimmy up to  Canada.  So they should be arriving in another 4 or 5 days.  We are expecting a couple of others from Cat Scouts too.  Woohoo…lotsa visitors.  Kali will be delighted.  Too bad Miss Fitz isn’t a flat.  Kali would love her, I just know those two would get along like a house on fire.  MOL, Miss Fitz, what a name!  I like her already.