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Canada Remembers

It’s Remembrance Day Shoko.  A day to honour not only our vets but all vets, whether they be 4 legged and furry or 2 legged furless wonders.  It doesn’t matter what side they fought for either, they are all veterans.

Mom and dad were at Omaha Beach with Phenny and his mom and dad from Easy Blog.                                                 

 There are several beaches that saw Canadian and American Troops landing for battle along the Normandy coast.                                                    Imagine a teenager advancing from his boat to climb the hills in order to fight the enemy.  Also, imagine another teenager, fighting for the other side, pointing weapons to kill the advancing troops.  A death struggle, each fighting for their country and its ideals.  WHAT A HORRIBLE WASTE!                                                  The Canadian Cemetery for those killed on Normandy’s Beaches during that fateful attack.  Walking through the rows and rows of tombstones, the ages of the troops was astonishing.  A few were in their 40’s but the majority were teenagers and young adults.  There are no old men in this cemetery. The youth of the era willing to sacrifice everything for their country.

So on the 11th month, of the 11th day at the 11th hour, we will spend a minutes silence in respect for all Veterans service, not only Canada.




Show and Tell

Today is “Show and Tell” at Bacon’s blog “Piglove.”  In this post we were suppose to talk about a silly gift or something ridiculous that happened to our pawents or us.

Mom says there has been many funny and ridiculous things that have happened to her over the years but the one scenario that sticks with her and she never forgets happened eons ago.  We must set the scene first.  Mom and dad are both very stubborn and strong willed peeps.  I have to say way out there stubborn!!  When they were going steady, they fought all the time.  They would break up and then make up all the time.  Somehow they managed to get engaged.  I guess they quit fighting long enough that life looked good,  Then dad would get the engagement ring in his face and they broke up.  People thought they were odd!  Heck, I would’ve too.  Geesh!  Anyway dad’s family were very unsure of mom and mom’s family thought dad was just what mom needed.  Different family reactions, I see.    There must have been something there to keep drawing them together.   Finally dad asked mom to marry him and there was a long pause….must have been the way he said this most romantic of sentences,  “C’mon, its time we put everyone out of their misery and got married.”  They got married.  Mom says she hears how other hubbies asked their wives to marry them and wishes she had a romantic memory like theirs.  All I got to say is, it must work.  Mom and dad have been married for almost 45 years.


the Newleyweds

the Newleyweds