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Sunday at Shoko’s Place

A typical sleepy Sunday in Shoko and Kali’s household until  a strange kitty appears at the back door.  Hey, that’s no stranger, that’s the big piece of fuzz from next door meowed Shoko.

Do you wanna’ get up and chase him Kali? He’s really scared of you. He just hisses at me. Naw, it’s too much effort and I’m so cozy on my warm bed.                                                      ckchcrCow Kitty seems to be spell bound by this mouse in cheese toy.

condoshudMOL  Just look at Cow Kitty try to catch that mouse.  Gotta give him  T for treats.

Kali and Shoks

Hope your week is free of fleas and you get a little nip on the side.


Sunday Selfies with Shoko

Sunday already!  Today was a play day for us.  I really like the new wand mom got for me.  No cheapy toy this time.  She’s learning.  It’s taking quite a while but she is learning.                                                                             Here, I’m anticipating the wand’s going to be coming my way.  I can see the feather.                                                                         Unfortunately, mom did not turn the flash on for these 2 pictures so they are rather raw looking.  I’m calculating how much effort I need to use as the feather is getting closer.                                                                             I caught it!

Woops, the feather got me.                                                              

Alright, time to beat the hell-o outta this guy!

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Kali Does a Sunday Selfie

Today is another Selfie Sunday Blog hop, put on by The Cat on my Head blog.

Kali promised I could have the catnip Easter blanket for the week if she could do the pictures this weekend. I agreed with this cause you just wouldn’t believe how out of this world the catnip blankie is my friend.


Thanks so much Ellen.

Thanks so much Ellen.

Now, Kali has been practicing most of the week but. alas, she is no better at snapping the pictures. She always looks a little odd in her pictures…like parts of her are really big….oh well she  tries but without success. I gotta give her “E” for effort.

Talk about in your face!

Talk about in your face!