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Sunday Selfless Selfies with us Ladies

Shoko its a lovely day.  Here come da sun too.  It’s as warm as barf freshly arriving on the floor.  Yuck what a disgusting image, Tyebe.  You get the idea big sis.  Are you saying its a barfy day?  It is if mom takes us around the front.                                                 
Mom will probably go for her walk and she’ll have that dang stroller and I hate the hood up on the stroller. I don’t mind the hood down. I feel confined and must get out. You’re a nincompoop, Tyebe. You are so protected in the stroller.  No,  I feel like all sorts of strange things can jump on me.

This is the way I like the stroller.                                                     

Time for a Meezerism, Shoko. I’t’s an easy one today.

” A watched kitty never boils.”


We get our Easter baskets this evening.  Mom says she wants to give us all the food we refused to eat this last week.  She thought turkey was a treat but you dug a hole in the floor trying to bury it Tyebe.  What a gross meal  I don’t want any stinkin’ feathery turkey!  Yuck.


Anyway Happy Easter to everyone.


Sparks of Training

Sparks is a Monday blog hop.  It’s a positive way to start the week with quotes that inspire us onward.  Annie of  McGuffy’s Reader is the one who inspired this blog hop.  Thank you, Annie, for the opportunity to share our positive ideals and by doing so instilling these ideals  in ourselves and others.                                     
Today we look at:

Sounds easy, eh? Well, it’s not.

When one is in severe pain, the pain sears into every thought, every idea, every step one takes.  How do we ignore the pain?  We can’t ignore the pain but we can work with it.  Any thought that is in our mind cannot exist when another more consuming thought enters the picture.  For me it is photo editing….it is such an all-consuming task for me that it needs my total absorption.  This is not a cure because the pain will come back but it is a reprieve.  Also my mood changes from sad to happy…..because I have managed to accomplish something in spite of that pain, that brings me pleasure.  I am ready to laugh with someone. Without the pain I would never have looked for a way to overcome it and never experienced the joy of accomplishment and the sweetness of joy….could the joy be any sweeter than when pain is exchanged for a few laughs?                                                         Throughout the good and bad….the girls are with me….                                                

Easy’s Heading Home


Easy is heading home today and we are going to help light our friend’s way home.  As members of Blogville, we salute you Easy and shall never forget you and your antics.    Please go to The Lone Star Cats and see the others guiding Easy home.                                                                  shoko-and-easy-thanksEasy and flat me giving thanks for  a happy visits-up-a-treeLooks like Easy and flat me exchanged mews and woofs and are ticked with each other but not really.  Easy was wondering if he should run or go tinkles…..big decision.

Still Kali and my favourite picture is Easy arriving at my 7th birthday party.

easys-tunnelThis picture will always be the fun and playful Easy to us.  Our love for Easy will live on in our hearts.

Till we meet again my dear friend.  May our candle plus the others in Blogville light your way home.                                                                          candle


Easy We Love Ya

Normally this is a happy blog and a place of sanctuary from the battering of life but last night Easy left us for the Rainbow Bridge.  We adored Easy and he was a good friend to us girls, often offering us DIY info.  When you get down to it, Easy was a friend to all in Blogville.  He loved everyone.                                               easyThanks Sammy of, One Spoiled Cat.  You have managed to put together a beautiful tribute picture for us to remember him by.

We loved Easy and will always adore his memory.  At this sad time, a picture keeps popping up in mom’s mind and it warms her heart.  We wish to share it with you and it is meant in love and respect.                                                                easys-tunnelEvery time mom looks at this picture of Easy arriving at Shoko’s 7th Gotcha Day Party from France, she gets a smile on her face.  We hope it brings a smile to your face also.

Watch over all your friends in Blogville, Easy.  We love ya!                                                       easy-looking-at-shokoWe will always be your Catada Cats.




Fancy, Foggy, Fryday Fill-Ins


Our friends Ellen from the blog 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader have supplied us with four more fill-ins this week.  Thanks ladies.



3. My favourite holiday leftover is….. THAT’S A TOUGH ONE CAUSE I HATE LEFTOVERS!  PERHAPS SOME FINELY CHOPPED TURKEY, WHITE MEAT ONLY, AND A SIDE BOWL OF CHICKEN BROTH.  THAT TICKLES MY FANCY                                                        turkeykali-gif4. The best part of a long, holiday weekend is….. BEING TOGETHER RELAXING WITH FAMILY.  THE GOOD FOOD DOESN’T HURT EITHER.                                                 askbedWe hope your Thanksgiving had wonderful friends and family.  Stuff yourself because in another month Christmas will be upon us. MOL                                                                             jack_o_lantern_canadiancats




The Last Day of October


We are joining Easy and Bacon for the before and after pictures.

Are we brave enough? Is nip green with purple polka dots? Of course we’re scared but we’re Canadians so we talk our way out of difficulties. MOL

Here I am before mom touched me.  Look sophisticated, don’t I?

        BEFORE                                                  kali-posing-smI’m sure you’ve seen this picture before cause it’s one of my favourites.

kaliwitchhatcapepumpMy turn:  This is me relaxing in the crib type cat pole.  I woke up and got up to pose for this picture.


aaashokosmYes, it is…it’s the before.  Is too Kali?  No it’s not Shoko…you cheat!    aadressedshokIsn’t this different for me?  I’m a southern belle.




Shopping Around The World



Really, It’s that time already! Piglove and Fozziemum started shopping around the world and Bacon said we should send all prepared snacks to them at the Thompson Hotel.  MOL  Just kidding my friends.  I imagine the ones from us would be hi-u-hum by the time they reached Bacon. MOL    Bacon asked us for snacks or appetizers that turn mom’s crank and gets her all happy inside.  This is embarrassing folks but mom is lazy when it comes to snacks and appetizers for herself.  I could tell you she loves stuffed mushrooms. chicken fingers and bacon wrapped scallops…..and she does but she doesn’t make those for herself.  Instead she makes up  something easy.                                                             chef ShokoHer idea of a fun snack is a concoction of wheat thins, olives and cream cheese.

Multigrain wheat thins $1.97

wheatthinsCream cheese            $3.15
cream cheese
Stuffed green Olives sliced   $1.97
stuffed olives

The crackers, stuffed olives and creamed cheese are not cheap but everything lasts well over a week so its not as expensive as one would think.
Wally!! You mean we don’t say wally…..oh, we say voila! There you have the unvarnished truth about mom and snacks.
Kali and Shoks

Highlights of Shoko’s Gotcha Day Pawty


Kali, I can’t thank you enough for the pawty.  Everyone seemed to have a super time.  You really fooled me too.  I really thought you and mom had forgotten all about my Gotcha Day.  We wouldn’t do that Shoko….you should know us better than that by now.  Ya, I guess Kali but its the way you said it…you played your part well.

Here are a few of the highlights.



Easy tunnelling in to pawty.

Easy managed to tunnel all the way from France and scared everyone when he announced himself.  In French of course.  The hisses could be heard all over the block, hehe


Einey and I playing, "Guess that stink."

Einey and I playing, “Guess that stink.”

Guess that stink was a fun game.  Everyone wanted to play.  Some of the stinks were pleasant like the tuna stink.  The skunk stink paniced Nellie and she ran into Bacon while he was having some watermelon.  What a mix up….Bacon was insulted because he thought Nellie was saying he stunk.  I can still hear Bacon yelling out, “I have a bath every week you meezer, you!”

Nellie, Bacon done


Pete H is laying in front of Shoko and TeaPartyCat

Pete H is laying in front of Shoko and TeaPartyCat

It was fantastic to see Pete Hartley and Tea.  They are two very important members of the ThunderCat Patrol in Cat Scouts.  In fact, I don’t know what I’d do without these wonderful dudes.

We are very fortunate that Pete H flies and was able to pick Tea up in Missouri on his way to the airport here.

Buddy and Timmyhahaha  Buddy just had to get in there and act like a doofus to empress you Kali.  I think he really likes you!  Oh I do hope so Shoko.  I think he is terrific.  What beautiful shiny grey fur he has. *sigh*


Family Sings

Family Sings

Einstein brought his whole family over to sing Happy Gotcha Day for me.  What a cool family he has…Miss Fitz was so funny.  She kept me in stitches with her stories!  You can visit them at Timmy’s Commentary.  Just click on the blog name.  I believe they had a post celebrating my Gotcha Day.

There were so many highlights we just can’t get them all down here.  Here are some more Gotcha Cards I got from my wonderful friends.

Thank you Judy and family

Thank you Judy and family


From Einstein

From Einstein, my man cat and his family!


from Pete H

from Pete H

Shoko's 7th Gotcha Day card from Dharth

This lovely card is from Dharth…our awesome cuz.  His blog is Purrince Sidharth’s Purrfect Pad


Shoko Gotcha Day From Binky

Shoko Gotcha Day From Binky and Granny At angelwhisper2011

Thank you mom and Kali for all your work….this cat appreciates all your efforts.  I must thank my friends for stopping by and making this Gotcha Day a memorable one.

Remember friends: