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Christmas Day at Fort Meezer in Da Hood

What a wonderful Crisp Mouse.  We are so lucky to have such great friends.  Mom and dad were excellent at interpreting our signals for what we craved the most of all.

Christmas morning found us all ready to dive into the prezzies whether they were ours or not.  Dad kyboshed that idea smartly and gave us our first present each.  We looked so organized and well…. you know, Dudley do right.  Then mom said oh what did Shoko get from her Secret Santa?….. and I was there like a shot.shokscropedzm

Turns out my Secret Santa was Pete Hartley, Co-Patrol Leader of The ThunderCats Den in Cat Scouts. He sent us a gorgeous feather wand….I’ve never seen so many feathers all in one place. Thank you Pete H. I love it.                                                                 kalinipsmHere is Kali digging into some nip from the Rockies.  This was sent by mom’s brother and wife and their kitties.  Uncle John lives right smack dab in the mountains and the soil produces thee BESTEST nip EVER.  Thanks Uncle and Aunty.                                                     momprezziesmMom decided to open one of her presents also.  Hurry up….I’m dying to know what it is.  Carol Burnett dvd’s…um well,that’s nice.  You can take them for your IV Treatments, put earplugs in, and sit there and laugh.  Peeps will think you’re nuts!  hahaha                                              einey's prezziesmThis is our box from Einstein and Buddy Of Timmy’s Commentary and family.  You know, I’ve never seen a roll of dehydrated chicky boobs in my WHOLE life but these guys found one and sent it to us.  We’re fixed for chicky boobs for a year.  Wow.  We each got a personalized card from our honeys, a crinkle ball…I never saw one of those either, some nip, a kicker and so many things from these wonderful mancats.  Notice the black kicker Bacon from Piglove sent us.  It’s unbelievable.  You can’t realy see the Friskies in a box shaped like a cat head from Easy but they’re in mom’s mess.

kalibudboxsmThis is for ME?  I like it…..chicky boobs galore.

Mom, Kali and I thank all the furfriends that sent Christmas Cards and we have attempted to make a slide show….don’t laugh….we tried.

What a fun  and filling day.  The turkey was scrumptious.

Kali and Shoks



Artsy, Fartsy Sizzlin’Days of Summer

Last night we all sat on the deck until midnight.  It was just too hot to sleep.  The little cow kitten from next door was out and came up on the deck and sat with us.  Kali and I hissed and growled at him….just our way of saying, “We don’t want you around here.”  He hissed and growled back, just his way of saying, “I don’t care…..I’m stayin for a visit.” and we all sat around staring at each other.  Well, to be truthful, mom wasn’t staring at us…..she was laughing.  She thought this was funny because all we did was sound off and nobody lifted a paw.  No pictures of us quarreling but one you’ll love just the same.. Remember these times?                                                                                                                            Aww….what I wouldn’t give for a romp in the snow.

This is our entry into the Blog Hop.  Kali and I finally feel just right!

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