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Sunday Selfie in January with Budd

I’m not leavin’ the house.  Yes, it’s warmer but not that warm.  It’s -25C.  We often have peeps walking down the sidewalk here wearing shorts when the temperature is in the minuses.  However, not today.  There is just this guy on his snowplough.  There are no cars out and not a soul is walking along the sidewalk.

I decided to make a mohawk for myself. How do you like it? I even dyed it. Wonder what GingerSnap will think of it.

Today is Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head blog.

Budd figured it was his turn for a selfie so I’ll quit gassing with you and present our representative.

I haven’t taken a selfie in some time!  How did I get the camera to work before.

Well, that was not very flattering! Let me try it again.

Crap!!  I missed my leg….I have a leg folks…..nothing to worry bout. This is a picture of me relaxing…..I usually am relaxing. I never want to be uptight again.

Time for Shoko’s meezerism of the week.

“Have you noticed when something awful’s happening, it takes forever to go away. However, when a happy event occurs, it’s over and done with before you can hum a happy tune.”

BUDD……Galaxy Green