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Sunday Selfies with Shoko

Hey Budd, where’s Shoko?  I dunno, she’s probably in the bedroom.  She doesn’t seem to like me.                                                                       
Shoko is the type of kitty that doesn’t like to be pestered. I never pester her, Tyebe. You lay and stare at her for a long time, Budd. You make her feel like she has two heads. Aww….I don’t mean to bug her but she’s so pretty and dainty.

You got a fur stuck to your nose, Shoko. It looks funny. mol                                                           
Today is Sunday Selfies day at The Cat On My Head’s blog and I have taken a great picture of moi for the gallery of beautiful selfies.                                                                 
I know my ears got cut off but this is difficult. Whoops, my toes are missing too. Oh well, you all know I have ears and toes, you’ve seen them before. They’re no big thrill.

                                   Happy St. Patrick’s Day