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Filling In Fun on Friday.

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15 and Meowing are having their fill-in the blanks day.  This is a chance for us to get to know each other better.


I will do the first two sentences.



Your turn mom.
3. A friend…..IS SOMEONE THAT WILL VISIT REGARDLESS OF HOW DEEP THE SNOW IS.                                               




Shopping In My World- Cooking In Fort Meezer

This month Phenny from Easy Blog is our super host for Shopping Around the World and Phenny says we must make something with gourds.  Mom debated about this.  Should she make cookies, a loaf….what to do?  She finally decided to make up her own recipe.  Give her a minute and she’ll name it.


                                                    Should we both help mom, Kali?  I think so Shoko….this recipe is from whatever she dreams up….perhaps us guiding her would be a good idea.  I’ll be back later Kali, I hear the wind calling my name.  Really, what a wiener head! Humph!  Guess it’s you and me, mom.                                                We will call this dish, “Haunted Squished Squash Head.”  Pretty descriptive, eh?  It is a meal for Halloween.

Let’s get on with this very creative dish.

Haunted Squished Squash Head or (HSSH to save space on paper)


1 acorn squash
1 pkg Knorr Sidekick Noodles
leftover veggies in the fridge
some frozen peas and corn
1 300g pkg, frozen shrimp

The very first thing to do is get a sharp knife and scoop.  Cut a face in the acorn squash and scoop out the seeds and pulp.                                                  

We’ll rinse and drain the shrimp.                                                  

These shrimp were $6.17 for the package of 300 g. at Real Canadian Superstore.                                                       You want to take your acorn squash and steam the cut faced squash.  The size depends on how many people are having dinner with you.  If there are two, like mom and dad, then a small to medium-sized squash will be plenty.

The acorn squash was $1.99 for one at Superstore.                                                  

Put the squash in a cup of water in the casserole dish and cover with tin foil.  Cook the squash with nothing in it for about an hour at 350F.  It is finished cooking when the meat inside is just slightly tender.

Oops!  Looks like the steaming turned our Harold squash into a Harry the Haggard-Faced Squished Squash.


You want to make up your Sidekick noodles now.  Make them up from the directions on the bag just use about 1/4 C less water.  Mom used the Honey Garlic noodles.                                               

The Knorr Sidekick noodles were $0.97 at Superstore.

To the water for the noodles add whatever produce you have leftover in the fridge….within reason…..no cantaloupe or melon in the pasta, please.   For example, mom had a little left over red and yellow peppers.  So she chopped them into small chunks and there were 5 mushrooms sitting in the fridge so they went into the pasta water too.  The mushrooms and peppers will lose juice which will go into the water, this is why we cut out 1/4C of the water.  Now cook the noodles as per the recipe.You’re going to get a whole bucket of pasta mom….you’ll never get it into the squash.  No way!

I’m back.  I had to teach Mr, Fishie not to swim from me.  I stared at him then smashed his smiling face.  I’ll put him back in the water after I help you.                                                    


I’m busy Shoko….sit quietly.  Are you saying I have verbal diarrhea?  No, but I am telling everyone how to make this dish and you’re screwing it up.  Ohh!  Sorry!  *Shh* We start stuffing the cooked squash shell.  The squash takes a fair bit of the noodle filling.

Now that the noodle filling is in place.   Place the squash in the same casserole dish, minus the water, and then in the oven at 350F until it is warmed up about 20 minutes.

When the squash is out of the oven, use a fork and pull some of the noodles through the eye and mouth sockets.  These are worms.  Put some shrimp on the top of the squash head with the tail sticking out.  For effect, pour some cocktail sauce over the shrimp (blood).  Have some blood coming out of the eyes.

There is your Haunted Squished Squash Head.  I was right.  There was enough filling for another Haunted Squished Squash Head tomorrow night.


Happy Halloween!                                                   



Artsy, Fartsy Saturday with Kali and Shoko

Artsy Fartsy Caturday is being hosted by Athena and Marie’s blog today like every other Caturday.  Click on the hosting name and be swept away to observe our franipals posing just for you.                                                                                     Cat artMom found an on-line photo editor and made us look like cartoons.  Even the bedroom looks like its animated.  She then flipped us so the room is all backwards and voila a flipped and animated look at us.  Just between us Kali, this work of art, I could’ve done nicely without.  I have no face, just a black smudge and a heck of a big smudge too!

                                                                      aaaaa12aToday is supposed to be 26C Shoko.  So we both will be out early and fighting over the best sun puddle.

May you gals be crowned Miss Kitty Litter of 2016 in your dreams.



Rolling and Strolling In Our Neighbourhood

Mom and I went for a good walk today.  Well, she walked, I rode.    The things I saw my friends.  They’d curl Kali’s fur and she’d be a LaPerm cat….MOL…I’m so funny! MOL!  *sigh*   What?  OK,  I’ll get on with the story, mom.  It was unbelievable!   Pure craziness.   Peeps were all over….making lotsa noise too.  Cars were whizzing by and I was scared at first.   I crept to the back of the basket…near mom.   There were so many strange noises.  Dogs were barking, usually I couldn’t see them but I saw three of the big boogers.   Kali would have saucer eyes!. MOL                                                      ash1wksm

Two of the big dogs I saw were Bulldogs, mom said. I wouldn’t want them living near me. They are super loud.  I pulled back in the basket but had my eyes on them till they were outta sight.
We went by one house that had a lovely tree getting new growth on it and MOL, these peeps had tied plastic apples on the tree. It was cool. I guess it’s an apple tree or a plastic apple tree. MOL

How artsy….a fine creation from peeps that have seen their fill of wintry landscapes.

Mom said we both had done very well and we should head home.                                                                  ashwksm


Mom was talking with our neighbour on our way home and he realized I was sitting in the stroller, so he asked about me and mom explained we went for a roll and stroll. He has two cats and was enthralled with the stroller. He said the pet stroller was, “Cutting edge” and I had to agree with him, at least for Prince George it was very *cutting edge*. I yelled at mom to hurry up and we were on the move again.

Kali met us at the door and was delighted to see us, mewing up a storm.  I told her all about the sights we saw and she licked my head. Aww….sis…I had a good time. I’m sure tired though.


S’cuse my friends I must have a well deserved nap. Can you imagine the dreams I’ll have? MOL

One Giant Step

Here it is Monday and Beatrice we know you  leaving for the modelling job is a giant step up for you but we are going to miss you something terrible.  You take care now Beatrice.  Mom has packed some red willow bark for you, just in case “The Beaver” magazine decides to send you on to the Yukon today.  You’ll have some munchies.  Personally says Shoko, I think going to the head office in Winnipeg Manitoba from here is enough for today but I’m not your boss.


red willow bark

red willow bark


The Beaver Cover

Remember to phone us from wherever you’re sent.  You know an even better way would be to Skype us.  Then its free.


Yes, I will Skype you.

Yes, I will Skype you.

Please let Billy know what has happened to me.  He always knew I was a little different than your average beaver.  We will make sure Billy knows that you have made your dreams come true.

B,S and Kali at airportThey’re calling your plane # Beatrice.  See ya friends and thank you for everything.  A special thank you must go to Kali for all her work.  We did it Kali…in spite of the fights and coffee table chewing.! Beatrice goes through security.


She's on her way Kali.

She’s on her way Kali.

Beatrice is starting the biggest adventure of her life.  We wish her all the best.





Kali’s Thirteenth Gotcha Day Pawty




Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Happy Gotcha Day Kali!!

Today is THEE day for my big sis as she turns 13.  Imagine 13!  Thirteen years ago we never heard of Silvervine Catnip.  Computers were harder to handle….there were not so many cats with blogs because computers were not “cat friendly” at that time.

When Kali was born mom and dad lived in a different house.  They had a lane beside the  house.  Mom says that Kali was a very friendly kitten and if a stranger past by the backyard and said “Hi” to Kali….she would follow them home.  Mom would quit gardening and race down the lane to bring Kali home again. 

12 June 02

12 May 02



  She is a fun sisteh and deserves the best. She deserves to be called queen and bowed to….ya right!  In your dreams sis.  Don’t hold your breath.

I know you lost the mice from last year…I might have had a wee bit to do with that.  I got you mini mice this year, they are smaller and you can carry them around with your 4 teeth.  Have fun with them Kali.  You are a great sis…..

Look at all the food…dudette you are one lucky kittah.

raw chicken treats

raw chicken treats


catnip joints

catnip joints




Bunny and Pig tasties

Bunny and Pig tasties


iced biscuits

iced biscuits for the Woofies

Enjoy my Woofie friends.  Mom made them but they are really good…I tasted them before letting her put them out.


iced biscuits

We have some extra Woofie treats so you can take some home with you.  It’s OK, mom didn’t make them.

Nipcider and Cider

Nipcider and Cider

We have extra Nipcider for our kitty friends to take home…enjoy!

Mom and dad got you a Furminator for your birthday Kali.




I’ve always wanted one of those.   I’ve heard the back rub it gives is sooo relaxing.  Thanks mom and dad.  I can’t wait for a Furminator brush now.  Maybe tonight when we start reading the 12 Rescue Stories.

What kind of a party would this be with out a cake.  So Kali, mom made a cake that looks a lot like you sis.


Kali's cake

Kali’s cake

It’s lovely mom…thank you.

Kali I don’t really have a present for you but you know I’ve been looking for a modelling job.  Well, I got one…ya….I really got a job.  Thanks to your help and guidance Kali I have a full-time job with Beautiful British Columbia Magazine.


Beautiful BC Magazine

Beautiful BC Magazine

Oh my Beatrice!!  You did it!!  I could have never done it with out you girlfriend.  I also got a part time job at The Beaver.  Everyone was delighted with my bling.


The Beaver Cover

The Beaver Cover

Oh Beatrice, I’m overcome….when do you leave?  Monday.  So soon!!  They want to send me to the Yukon for a shoot on the lake near Dawson City.  The ice is melting and won’t wait.  I’ll miss you my friend. *Beatrice and Kali hug*

S’cuse me Kali and Beatrice but Kali you received a couple of cards from your friends.


Kali from Bacon and famil

Kali from Bacon and family

That was so nice of the lil Oinker…you guys are special to me.


 from Easy

from Easy

Easy Rider, what a lovely surprise!  I bet you sent this bottle off months ago to make sure it made it to the Pacific Ocean and then ride the rivers up to Prince George.  *blows a kiss to Easy*.  What would I do without you my friend?

Hope you all enjoyed Kali’s pawty.  Thanks for coming by.