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A Sad Day For Blogsville

I have stated that this blog is for fun times and is meant to make us laugh and to put  the difficulties of life into perspective.  However, there are times that are just unpleasant and so very sad but they require a reaction.                                                                         11She was a Service Cat, a best friend and a loving family member.  I’m talking about Lexi High.  She lost her ongoing battle yesterday.   Dezi and her mom are wracked with sadness.  Slowly this sadness will pass and the terrible hurt will disappear but all the fun times will always be there to draw on in hard times.                                                                         LexiWe are humbled today and filled with loss.  Kali and Shoko join me in saying we love  you Lexi and know that one day we will meet again.

Lexi’s pictures were used with Deziworld’s watermark but permission was asked of the blog.