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Walk-About For A Selfie

A walk-about of the neighbourhood shows that Cow Kitty’s house is for sale.                                                                           Here Cow Kitty lies on the catnip so no one else can have it.  He’s dumb like a fox. MOL

                                                                                                                                          Not a bad looking house even if mom didn’t get all of it in the photo.

  We were mellowing out till we saw a woofie.  Then we felt like sitting ducks.                                                                       

I tried to get a selfie of the two of us but Kali was watching and the bad words she was using were very descriptive. mol                                                                        I certainly don’t look fearless in the picture.

Our awesome host, The Cat on my Head is serving up many a pet’s selfie in a great lineup.  So stop by and admire your friends.  Click on the name of the blog host.                                                                   Have a lazy Sunday friends.