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BULLETIN: In Purrsuit of Flavours Is Approaching

Another month approaches and this means its time to choose the dish for In Purrsuit of Flavours.  We decided to stay with the summer time fare seeing summers are very short up here in the crazy Northern Interior of BC.

We are also joining Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus even though we chatter a lot.  Do pop over and share your site with Sandee and more new friends by clicking on the name or badge.                                                            

Tyebe, myself and Da Phenny, Neilson and Katty of Easyblog  threw out ideas at each other like beer can chicken, favourite picnic foods.  Tyebe thought whip cream would be enough.  Have a spray can of whip cream and spray every food that passes with whip cream.  It’s summery and fun.  Not hard to remember either.  Nobody else liked the idea though.                                                                         

Finally we decided that the choice should be yours.   Give us the recipe for your favourite summer time food.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  Tyebe and I think we’ll focus on a snack for summer.  Da Phenny and Nelly won’t say what their momma is making but I’ll bet your treats there is no meat in it,  MOL.


The topic is YOUR FAVOURITE “GO TO” SUMMER FOOD” . We don’t have a favourite “go to” summer food so we’ll have to think up something that will stink up your booties. mol

Let’s grab a few winks first.

What a cosy bed that CooperMurphy sent me for my Gotcha Day.  I just love it.

We will let everyone know Monday what we decide to prepare.


                                                                       BONY PETITE