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Sparks of Training

Sparks is a Monday blog hop.  It’s a positive way to start the week with quotes that inspire us onward.  Annie of  McGuffy’s Reader is the one who inspired this blog hop.  Thank you, Annie, for the opportunity to share our positive ideals and by doing so instilling these ideals  in ourselves and others.                                     
Today we look at:

Sounds easy, eh? Well, it’s not.

When one is in severe pain, the pain sears into every thought, every idea, every step one takes.  How do we ignore the pain?  We can’t ignore the pain but we can work with it.  Any thought that is in our mind cannot exist when another more consuming thought enters the picture.  For me it is photo editing….it is such an all-consuming task for me that it needs my total absorption.  This is not a cure because the pain will come back but it is a reprieve.  Also my mood changes from sad to happy…..because I have managed to accomplish something in spite of that pain, that brings me pleasure.  I am ready to laugh with someone. Without the pain I would never have looked for a way to overcome it and never experienced the joy of accomplishment and the sweetness of joy….could the joy be any sweeter than when pain is exchanged for a few laughs?                                                         Throughout the good and bad….the girls are with me….