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Shopping Around The World



Really, It’s that time already! Piglove and Fozziemum started shopping around the world and Bacon said we should send all prepared snacks to them at the Thompson Hotel.  MOL  Just kidding my friends.  I imagine the ones from us would be hi-u-hum by the time they reached Bacon. MOL    Bacon asked us for snacks or appetizers that turn mom’s crank and gets her all happy inside.  This is embarrassing folks but mom is lazy when it comes to snacks and appetizers for herself.  I could tell you she loves stuffed mushrooms. chicken fingers and bacon wrapped scallops…..and she does but she doesn’t make those for herself.  Instead she makes up  something easy.                                                             chef ShokoHer idea of a fun snack is a concoction of wheat thins, olives and cream cheese.

Multigrain wheat thins $1.97

wheatthinsCream cheese            $3.15
cream cheese
Stuffed green Olives sliced   $1.97
stuffed olives

The crackers, stuffed olives and creamed cheese are not cheap but everything lasts well over a week so its not as expensive as one would think.
Wally!! You mean we don’t say wally…..oh, we say voila! There you have the unvarnished truth about mom and snacks.
Kali and Shoks