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Happy Valentine’s Day


I just have to fine out what you’re getting Einey for Valentine’s Day Shoko.  The last I heard you couldn’t make up your mind between a real mousie or choclotate mices.  The anticipation is killing me.  Well, Kali I have decided to get Einey a live mousie and get the chocolate mice for Einey’s dad.  His dad is so special…he takes Einey and Timmy to all the events at Cat Scouts.  You know I got mom a few chocolate mice too…shhh…its a secret.                                                            mousecropped  Now, I have to go out and catch one and send it to Pencil-vain-eha.  You must send it by way of computer.  Then the mouse will make it in time for Valentine’s Day.  You mean this yucky little sucker will run up and down the wires till it gets to Einey’s?  Something like that Shoko.                                                                        choc miceI’m giving Einey a card I made all by myself without mom’s help.                                                                   Einey's valentine 2016You didn’t put any hearts or flowers on it, Shoks.  I really wanted to glue some nip to it but mom wouldn’t give me any.  She said Einey would never see it if I got my paws on some nip.  Let’s see your card to Buddy, Kali.  I worked my paws raw getting just the right feel for my mancat.                                                                    BudkalIt’s a beautiful card Kali!  Buddy will love it, I just know he will.  You have such gorgeous flowers….you outdid yourself sis.  Well, enough miawing my time away, I have a mouse to catch and throw on the computer wires.  Don’t worry I’ll tell her the mouse is virtual so she doesn’t have to throw it on the computer wires.  I want to see her catch one first,

Have a great Valentine’s Day my friends and keep your tail tucked around your legs to prevent a draft.                                                            Kali and Shoks


Lazy Day in Fort Meezer

It was a cold day today.  The wind was whistlin’ around the house.  Kali and I went outside for a New York minute.  I’ve heard this is a very short minute and that was us after breakfast.  So, what to do?  We usually go out and enjoy the fresh air…we don’t give a cwap for the fresh air that’s out their today.  I sat and helped mom at the computer.                                                  DSCN4341Just thought I’d help ya, mom.  Aww….did you know there’s a catnip sack here?  Is this just for me?                                                                              DSCN4011What do you mean I’m not helping.  I thought I was….you didn’t want that catnip sack taking up room…I could have taken it off your paws, mom.

Goody, we get to play in the basement….I’m ready!  Oh no, I have to wear this contraption again.

DSC_0743Hmmm, if it means we get to play….OK.  Meet you in the basement.  Woohoo.

Kali was also busy trying to help mom.

DSCN4486Kali made sure the Kitty Litter tray smelled clean.  Mom carried Kali and the Kit Lit tray into the laundry room for a kit lit refill.                                                                    DSCN4326We were beat after helping out, so decided a nap was called for.  Notice the box mom found for us. It was my turn to sleep in it.                                                                       



Happy Memories

Noodle, of noodle4 president nominated us to participate in the 8 photos of happiness challenge  created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet.  So here we are about to share some of our happiest moments…that were photographed with you.

This is one of the first pictures taken of me when I came to live with mom and dad and Kali.  I was so happy to have a new home.                                                               This next picture shows mom and I looking at the computer.  I was wondering what I could do with this thing cause I wanted to see other kitties.  Mom should have known right then that I’d be a computer nut and have my own blog.                                                            Notice how my ears are perked and I’m all eyes for this new picture.

Here is a happy moment for Kali when she was just a whipper snapper.

Kali napping in dad's slipper.  This is a happy contented memory for KaliHere Kali is wide awake and rarin’ to play.

These last four pictures were taken in the old house.  The next four will be taken around this house.

Kali and I sharing a tender moment.  This happens very seldom and mom has to be fast with the camera or the moment has passed quickly.Moving right along we have a picture of me just out like a light.  I was totally exhausted from gardening all day…..I was a delighted but a tired kitty.  Mom says I look like a dead cat.  MOL  Anipals will think I’m weird taking a picture of a dead cat.  Mom you’re so funny!

Mol  I have thoughts of the veggie garden running in my head.

Our next to last picture is of Kali helping mom with the nip.  Kali was delighted to help mom and have the many sniffs of this aromatic weed.

Ok mom…we’ll include your happiest memory too.

Mom smiles whenever she seesflowers, Kali, mealright, flowers this photo because it includes her beloved flowers, Kali and me being nice with each other.

You know I kinda like this one myself.  You Kali?  You betch ur boots Shoko.  We look so good amongst the flowers.  I look like a queen.

There you have some of our happiest memories.  There are so many more.

I am suppose to nominate up to 10 peeps.  I don’t have any idea who has done this challenge and who hasn’t.  I am putting this challenge out with a “tag” on it.  If, you haven’t done this challenge…..please, we want to see your happiest memories, so you’re, “it.”

Rules and explanation of this tag:

  • Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post.
  • Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness;
  • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
  •        Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!

Before we go I have to ask Kali if she heard the cat fight last night.  Well did you Kali?  By cracky how could I miss it Shoko.  They must have been on the deck.  I jumped about a foot.  So did you see mom come staggering out of the bedroom just a hot footin’ it to the sliding glass door.  She must have thought cow-kitty was in the fight.  All I heard was Cow-Kitty, Cow Kitty are you alright?  MOL  I heard her alright.

She broke up the fight….all was quiet after her hollering.  That’s our mom.