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Wordy Wednesday Purrsuing Flavours Theme for December

mol…..You’re kidding TyebeYou didn’t really grab mom’s undergarment and run out of the room?  I did!  You should have seen the look on her face. mol  It was priceless.  I’ll have this memory to keep a grin on my face for some time.                                                   

Where did you leave the underwear….I mean undergarment? In the kitchen. Dad thought it was very funny as mom sure hurried along after me to rescue her undergarment. It was kinda rude, Tyebe. I know but it was hilarious.

We are joining Sandee and Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus. Pop over and see your friends trying to be wordless.  How many will actually say nothing?  We all  seem to have trouble closing our mouths.


You know Tyebe, I was talkin’ with Da Phenny  Of Easy Blogour co-sponsor of In Purrsuit of Flavours, earlier on SKYPE and he suggested that December’s In Purrsuit of Flavours should have something to do with the holiday season. I can see that Shoko. It was a stinky year so how about something colourful to end the season. That’s exactly how Da Phenny and Nellie described the year. So we can send the year away with brightness in our hearts and hope in our minds.

So on the 2nd. of December we want a colourful food or drink for the festive season to say “So long yucky 2020.” Any food you want is welcomed….just lotsa colour. We’ll call it Colourful Cuisine.

We’ll remind you on Monday of the colourful cuisine and tell you what we’re going to make.