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Looking back at a Brave Man


Good news…mom is starting to heal.  She had a drain put in her foot last week,  The battery pack is wrapped around her leg and really uncomfortable, she says.  When the surgeon took off the bandage with the drain, the wound looked pink and healthy so she was given a new drain and bandage for another week.  The drain is taking the liquid away….somewhere.  Anywhere but here.  She is still walking about with the boot on and is usually up for 3 hours a day.  Mom seems bored to tears as nothing much happens when one doesn’t do anything.

We thought you might like to read one of our posts from Oct 29th, 2014.  I was 6 years old and Angel Kali was healthy as a kitten.  Aw…the good old days.                                                    So this is Kali,  She was beautiful!  I hope I can grow up to be half the kitty she was.  Budd, she must have been the perfect queen of Fort Meezer. She was a very gentle lady.  I remember watching her from the Lane. She sure hated bugs….I remember one day she was getting upset so I ventured near and there was a fly on her paw so I took the fly to the Lane and then she settled on the mattress.                                                                 


Now for our reposting of the 2014 post.

Today I was going to talk about the decorations Kali and I have around our condo for Halloween but instead, I must talk about our brave dad. Dad told us he had to go into the hospital for a small procedure today. He called the procedure a Colonoscopy.  Sounds like he’s going to get a colony of ants to come live in him! He couldn’t eat or drink till after the procedure was done. I felt bad eating in front of him while he just sat there with nothing. Mom didn’t seem to mind filling her face while dad drooled for food and water. They both jumped in the Toyota and took off for the hospital. Mom came back alone and I was upset….where’s dad? She explained that this procedure took time. Dad was getting a camera up his butt. No!! Surely you jest, mom. Well, I’ll be bald-headed!! Our dad is going to take pictures of us with his butt…how strange. You must give the poor guy credit for allowing the hospital to put a camera up there. I wouldn’t want mom’s camera up my butt! Well, I’ll be extra nice to him and won’t even close my eyes when he turns his butt toward me.


Well, I'm thankful for

I’m so thankful for our dad.  He’s a wiener…..I mean a winner.

When dad came home I was there to greet this brave man. I informed mom that I told our friends online about what dad had done…I just was overwhelmed with his bravery. Mom said that maybe dad didn’t want everyone to know what he had done. Oh my, why not…it was the most unselfish thing to do….thinking so much of his girls. Mom did look a little baffled but said no more. My dad…think I’ll keep him.