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A November To Remember

A lovely day today.  The sun is playing across the sky but the wind is strong and quite fresh.  A lovely day for a stroll.

November and we can actually walk on the sidewalks without slippin’ in the snow.  Can life be any better than this?  Look, our Alpine Willy Clematis is mixed up and there are a few blossoms.                                                                  aaalpwilcrzmA blossom in November. Never seen this before.

Mom and I are headed to the nearest pet store.  It’s a very windy day and the wind is making my coat stand up.  Refreshing!!

aakalistroll♫ Rolling around in my auto wheels.  My pink Fur-ari.♫

Mom was getting tired pushing against the wind.  We stopped at the new industrial development and mom relaxed.

aakalismstFrom Gateway we went into the pet store.  No pictures here.  They gave me some kitties treats.  I was famished and grabbed onto one.  Immediately I spit it out.  Ewwww…it was gross.  Don’t ever buy these mom….awful.  Mom asked what they were.  The clerk said those were freeze dried chicken livers.  We won’t be getting those anytime soon.

Mom got a few Christmas presents and we were out of there.

I settled down after those yucky treats and we headed home.  As we got closer to the house, mom and I heard some hammering and sawing coming from the garage.  Dad was hard at work building something.                                                                        aackhome1What is it dad?  It’s going to be a house for Cow Kitty so he can stay warm during the winter.

What if he doesn’t like it and won’t go near it….what will we do?  Let’s try him with it first Shoko.

aackhousecrThis is where the house will stay for the winter.  Here comes Cow Kitty.                                                             aackhousezm

I think he likes it.                                                                            aackhomeSo far so good.  I can’t think of something for the door….we need warmth in the house but not to frighten Cow Kitty or make him feel trapped.  Should we have clear plastic, a towel or something else.  Please we would like your ideas of how to improve the house.

Busy day today.

May your boyfriend never hiss and tell.



DAD…..GREEN                                                                kalishoko





Wags and Waves Tribute To Forrest Green

We lost a member of Blogville a few weeks ago, this is a tribute to one of the bestest woofies we had the pleasure of knowing.  We never met him in woofie/kitty style but communicating with Forrest was fun and so informative.  We will carry loving thoughts for you and your family in our hearts Forrest.  When we think of you we will relax and purr.                                                            forresttribute Forrest we are waving to you from our wee corner of Canada.  You are among the other great furry friends that have graced us with their laughter and fun selves and then silently departed.   We blow you a kiss and hope your path will be filled with love always.                                                                                                     XstreetGif_CanadaPlease drop by All Fur One and One Fur All and let Bev know how you feel.  Simply click on her blog name.

magic carpet over France finished.jpKali, do you think Forrest, Lexi and Mousegirl can see us better when we’re closer to them?  I think those fantastic furries would have no trouble seeing their friends wherever they are on or off this planet.  We will see you fine furries when our time here is done. 

Kali and Shoks