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Shoko’s Train Trip

Mom took a picture of this late, late blooming Clematis, Alpine Willy.  It’s suppose to bloom in the early spring…guess it got messed up. hehe                                                                alwilShoko is off to Cat Scouts tomorrow for her British Columbia Train Adventure.  This is the last trip she will be doing for the ThunderCats Patrol.  She is stepping down as Patrol Leader and the new Patrol Leader will be Pete Hartley.  Shoko says he is a fun guy and will add a little extra dynamic to the ThunderCats.                                                                             RH on mat                                                        conductorshokoHave a great weekend my friends and if you can come to Cat Scouts and see me and my friends, we’d love it.  We’re holding our trip by The Campfire from noon to 5 pm EST.  Press Cat Scouts

Kali Orange

Shoko Black                                                                           

Happy Father’s Day and Selfie Sunday


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY dad!!  Shoko and I have found these items in our garden and they’re just for you.

Here is a shrivelled poppy leaf to remind you of the beautiful poppy and how it unfolds slowly to show its fine crop of drugs inside…MOL

wilted poopy leaf

wilted poopy leaf

Hehehehe…mom called it a poopy leaf…MOL

Here is a little toy mouse that I found in the garden under some Sweet William.                                          

Mom helped us get this Clematis flower. This flower shows you the beauty you will see when you step into the flower garden. It’s like stepping into another world.

Mom has a gift for you too, dad. She said we could give it to you. Ta da…mom says its just what you need. An adult bib!

Now you don’t have to worry about getting stains on your clothes…the bib will catch everything.

Now onto The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday blog hop.  Just click on the name and *poof*, you’ll be visiting with anipals from all over the world.  Since its Father’s Day this is my attire for helping day practice his fly casting. Dad has put a tiny bit of wool at the end of his line and Shoko and I are chasing it. Wheee.

Welaxing Wednesday


Wednesday PurrsToday was a mellow day.  We all spent most of the day enjoying the new growth of Spring.

We got a little sapling lilac tree last year from our bald headed neighbour.  We now see the new growth starting.


Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree

The Alpine Willy Clematis is very early every year and is about to bloom.


Alpine Willy Clematis

Alpine Willy Clematis

Mom has been weeding the lily bed and we have been watching by the catnip.  Mom’s way to handle the catnip is to block off two of them…letting them grow.  One is opened for our use…and usually has fur all over it.  When this one gets down, mom picks the fur off and wraps chicken wire around it but opens one of the good ones.  This way there is catnip all summer long.


The next 2 weeks are planting weeks.  All the soil and added nutrients need to be rototilled in my veggie garden and the potato patch.  This is dad’s job.  Planting the potatoes and veggies are mom and my job.  The perennials need more bone meal this year too.  Lots to do yet.

Doesn’t my veggie patch look nekked.  Remember this picture in July.  I can work wonders with my green paw.