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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins with Felines

More weeding?                                             

We had better get out there and help mom, Tyebe.  I’m ready.

Mom, mom, over here this area needs weeding badly.                                                          

See dad has turned the soil for you so it’s not as hard to get your claws through it.  I see it Shoko but I’ll work my way over there.

The greenhouse needs the dirt taken out and sifted for quack grass and then plastic on the bottom of the bins to keep the quack grass out.                                                                           

Dad will do that, Tyebe. Tell him about itK….dad…..dad?

Geez, nobody seems to want our help.  I know, let’s do the Friday Fill_Ins supplied by the hosts, Ellen of 15 and Meowing Blog and Loriane of Four Legged Furries blog.                                                                

We can’t forget Sandee and Feline Friday at Comedy Plus.    Click on the names and go for a visit.                                                               

1. I wouldn’t mind if……I LAY HERE ALL AFTERNOON.   SO WARM.                                                               

2. I want to …..SNIFF…my…….CATNIP.                                                 


3. Others come to me when they need……..SOME WISE WORDS TO HELP THEM THROUGH A TOUGH SPOT.                                                                               


4. ANGEL BUDD AND I PLAY FIGHTING….. is a memory that I regularly think about.

Doesn’t Budd look like he means business?  He was always so gentle with me.

Shoko Describes Summer Camp


Does it ever feel good to sleep beside mom again in our bed.  No rocks under my back or sticks digging into my legs when I lay out.  Did you miss me, Kali?  No…well maybe a wee bit.  It seemed so quiet without you rushing up and down the hall with your thunder-paws or balancing on the banister.                                                     

Well, I just gotta be me, Kali.

On with my tail of summer camp.  To even go to summer camp we needed to make a Bowline Knot and show it to Denmaster along with our letter of Purrmission from mom.                                              
My Bowline Knot

Our signed letter of purrmission.

We made a tye dyed scarf for our moms.  I loved playing in the dyes but Denmaster made us use gloves so we wouldn’t turn our paws all sorts of colours.  I worked on that scarf for hours and then dried it and made the colour set so it wouldn’t rub off on mom’s neck.                                              
Mom loves it and is wearing it now. It looks pretty on her.

Later that afternoon we went on a nature walk with our guide Homer the Black Cat.  He showed us so many birds….it was amazing. The Stellar’s Jay is British Columbia’s provincial bird and also a regular at Yosemite.  It’s a beautiful bird.  As far as bird’s go, that is.                                                    

The only other bird that blew me away was the California Peregrine Falcon. His body is about the size of a crow’s body but his wing span can be over 4 ft. Holy birdman…..that is huge! He goes like stink too, when he’s trying to catch prey….over 200 mph! Never want to get on his bad side.                                                     

The next day there was a S’mores competition. I entered some Nanaimo Bars because they are Canada’s answer to S’mores. I didn’t win but was delighted for the mancat that did win, he’s in my patrol and is an excellent cook.
Maggie and I had a very nice tent overlooking the river. Only thing was I kept having to visit the dirt patch and do my duty as the river kept the water running with me too. MOL
There was a poetry workshop where we learned the different types of poems.  We all submitted 3 poems.  There were 3 winners and I was one of them.  I won a Cat Scouts notebook.  Wowee!!

Then the Knowlege Bowl about the things we’ve seen and done at Summer Camp.  The fellow cat that won is also in our patrol.  He is very smart.  Almost Siamese smart but not quite.

Then something happened….I will tell you tomorrow.  It kept me on my claws.

Meow Like A Pirate Day


akalipirateWhy are pirates pirates? cuz they arrrrrr  MOL

MOL…..It’s Meow like a Pirate Day you scum bucket..   Hey matey in the Crow’s Nest…. you ready for this or are you still painting your claws?  Ready matey!  You going to show me your booty?  Not likely, you, you bilge sucking rat!  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh !  With this kind of jammering, I’ll blow ye down.  Look here Bucko, I’ll put your head in the head if you keep this up.  Shiver me Timbers lassie.

shokpirate2  I’m not a Woofie…get ye to the Poop deck ye daughter of a biscuit eater.  Hiththththt!  Thar she blows…it’s that landlubber mom.  Aw c’mon, we’re just playin’ mom.  Guess it’s time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!  Yo ho ho me hearties.

May you have happy mateys to enjoy smooth seas today.


KALI…..ORANGE                                                                     SHOKOKALI2